Tina Kandelaki decided to sell the communications Agency “the Apostle”

That the communications Agency “the Apostle”, owned by TV presenter Tina Kandelaki, is in the process of selling, according to the magazine Tatler. That Kandelaki is negotiating the sale of the company, confirmed a source familiar with the situation. Now Kandelaki, according to SPARK, owns 99.5% of LLC “Apostle”. Tina Kandelaki has not responded to calls and SMS reporter .

The representative of the center for strategic communications (CSC) “the Apostle” to the inquiry said that “the currently discussed variant of the joint of the transaction, which is in the process of structuring and legal due diligence”. The company may change the controlling shareholder, in its composition may include international investment Fund, said the representative of “the Apostle”, without specifying details. “Also discusses the possibility of the exercise of options resulting in among shareholders can receive persons from the top management of KCC, “Apostle”, he added. — Occurrence of other types of shareholders are not expected”. It is planned that the transaction must be closed before the end of the first half of 2016, source says .

According to the representative of the Apostle, evaluation of a possible transaction may be in the range of multiplier of 2-2. 5 to annual revenue. In 2014, the revenue of LLC “Apostle” was 602,5 million rubles., revenues in 2015, the company has not disclosed. On the basis of revenue in 2014, the company can be estimated in 1,2–1,5 billion rubles.

According to a source close to the transaction, the desire to sell “the Apostle” is because now Kandelaki is actively engaged in other projects. At the end of December 2015, she left the post of General Director of “Apostle.” The reason for the resignation of the CEO Kandelaki explained by employment on the sports channel “Match TV”, which CEO was appointed in July last year. “The tasks associated with work on the TV channel “Match TV”, is almost all the time, leaving no opportunity to dive into other projects — then was cited in a press release, the words Kandelaki. — It made me different priorities, although I remain a shareholder of the company”. The acting Director General of “Apostle” was appointed Yuliya Vostrikova that the previous few years he managed various projects of the company.

“In “the Apostle,” I remain a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors, said in an interview Kandelaki in October 2015. — Of course, I’m going to have an impact on the company’s policy through the Board of Directors to agree on key decisions. I’m in this business have put their heart, I care its future development”.

A source close to the “Apostle” said that about a year ago discussed the sale of “about 49% of the shares” “the Apostle” of the state Corporation “rosteh” — one of the largest customers of “Apostle.” What “assistance” was discussed at the end of 2014 the purchase of the Apostle, knows another source close to the communications Agency. Now “rostec” is not considering buying stake in the company “Apostle”, said Thursday the official representative of the Corporation.

Without the participation of Tina Kandelaki Agency “Apostle” becomes harder to win bids, says the General Director of branding Agency Depot WPF Alexey Andreev. “The company has obtained contracts through personal connections of Tina Kandelaki,” he says.

The Agency “Apostle” was created in 2008, the former head of Prime-time broadcasting of the radio station “Mayak” Vasily Brovko. Now 99.5% of LLC “Apostle”, according to the register, owned by Tina Kandelaki, the remaining 0.5% — Lyudmila Ermakova. In 2014, the revenue of LLC “Apostle” was 602,5 million rubles, net profit — 4,9 million rbl. Among the projects and companies, which promotion was in “the Apostle”, magazine “Russian pioneer”, the programs and serials of TV channel STS, Yota, “Aeroflot”, “Kalashnikov”, Corporation “rosteh”, football club “Anji”. In last year’s “the Apostle” won the tender for creation of a brand New Moscow at a cost of 15 million rubles and the seller a cost of 24.6 million rubles in addition, the Apostle can do the rebranding of eleven Russian cities for the world football championship in 2018, as previously reported .

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