Tina Kandelaki may sell control in its PR holding “the Apostle”

MOSCOW, February 26. Tina Kandelaki may sell control in its PR-holding – the center for strategic communications “Apostle”, told in the press service of the company.

“The currently discussed variant of the joint of the transaction, which is in the process of structuring and legal due diligence,” according to the company. In case of closure may change share capital structure: in particular, could be replaced by a controlling shareholder, also share can obtain an international investment Fund, said the Apostle.

In addition we consider a variant of implementation options, which the shareholders may be someone from top-managers of “Apostle.” “Development of a program of direct equity management is an important element of building long-term motivation system and development strategy of the company,” said the company.

Representatives of the Apostle stressed that the acquisition of a stake in the company by shareholders not mentioned above, is not expected.

As expected, the deal will be closed before the end of the first half of 2016, the Specific transaction amount is not disclosed but its rating in 2-2,5 times higher than the annual revenue of the company, which in 2014 amounted to 602,5 million rubles.

“With the new structure the company will significantly expand its capacity to raise long-term funds as well as introduce best practices of corporate governance,” believe in “the Apostle”.

Tina Kandelaki has acquired a stake in “the Apostle” in 2009, and since 2013 has held the post of General Director of the holding company. As reported Kandelaki in an interview before the launch in November 2015 of the TV channel “Match TV” (General producer of which it has become), it was not enough time for all the projects, because it combined several posts.

The center for strategic communications “Apostle”, created in 2008, works in the fields of public relations, Analytics, consulting, design, and content. Currently 99.5% of LLC “Apostle” belongs to Tina Kandelaki.