TripAdvisor explained the emergence of the map of Russia without Crimea

In the press service of TripAdvisor noted that based on the recommendations of the international community. The review followed complaints of the Deputy—”spywares” Oleg Mikheev in the state office of public Prosecutor of Russia.

“We are the world’s largest website about travel and our geographical classification is determined by taking into account the recommendations of the international community. In the case of Crimea, we follow a classification that is recognized by the UN at the moment”, — quotes “Газета.Ru” comment of the press service of the company.

In TripAdvisor also stressed that the service uses Google maps and develop its own is not engaged.

On Friday, TASS reported that the Deputy of the state Duma from fraction “Fair Russia” Mikheyev has sent an official request to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika asking to check the TripAdvisor company, on the maps which marked the Crimea as part of Ukraine.

In the appeal the MP, a copy of which was available to the Agency, said that initially he was approached by the editors of travel of the online newspaper “Tourprom”, which pointed out the incorrectness of the maps displayed TripAdvisor. The Deputy assumed that the indication of the Crimea as part of Ukraine could be a consequence of both mistakes and malice.

In the second case, according to the MP, the fact may be the basis for the recognition of the organization’s activities undesirable on the territory of Russia.