A1 was sold to VEB’s share in the largest producer of turkeys

From A1 to VEB

On Friday, February 26, in the evening, the investment division “the alpha-Groups” company A1 — announced deal to sell its stake at “Evrodona”, Russia’s largest producer of turkeys, the structures of the Bank. The deal is complex, A1 sold 40% of the company “Evrodon” and 49% stake in three group companies “Evrodon” LLC “Ursdon”, LLC “Metall-don”, LLC Irdon, is spoken in the message A1. A VEB spokesperson confirmed that the deal is concluded, noting that the Bank did not disclose terms.

A1 became co-owner of “Evrodona” recently: the acquisition of shares in “Evrodona” occurred on 2 February 2016, specified in the message A1. As previously mentioned , A1 was the beneficiary companies “Brimstone investments limited”, which owns 40% of LLC “Evrodona” bought this company a member of the Board of Directors of “Gazprom”, former Minister of property relations Farit Gazizullin. On Friday, the A1 said that, together with shares the company acquired and 49% of companies “Ursdon”, “Metal-don”, Irdon. “Previous beneficial owner of these packets was one and the same person”, — is spoken in the answer A1.

To contact the founder of “Evrodona” Vadim Vaneeva, which owns 45% of the company, failed. The representative of “Evrodona” replied the transaction on sale of share A1 unknown to him, so he can’t comment. However, he confirmed that the company “Ursdon”, LLC “Metall-don”, LLC Irdon part of the group of companies “Evrodon.” The representative of the artistic Director and Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev, who owns 15% “Evrodona” on Friday night could not comment on the situation.

Previously BCS analyst Marat Ibragimov assessed the value of “Evrodona” (excluding debt) at 13-15 billion rubles, respectively, 40% is 5.2 to 6 billion rubles.

The courts will be finished

“We considered “Evrodon” as a project with a long-term perspective, but as an investment company in obtaining favorable sentences in the framework of a project, can afford to leave structure of shareholders at any point in the investment round”, — stated in the message A1. The current deal, according to this report, initiated on the web.

On 9 February, when A1 has become a co-owner of “Evrodona”, “Brimstone investments limited” has submitted two claims to “Evrodona” and one claim to Vadim Vaneeva. A1 the representative then explained that Vadim Vaneev has previously taken loans on owned company “Evrodon-South” and “Donstar” in the VEB and Rosselkhozbank, respectively. The Bank granted the company “Evrodon-South” line of credit in the amount of 17 billion rubles, Rosselkhozbank has granted a loan “Constru” almost 7 billion rubles, and the guarantor in both cases were made by LLC “Evrodon”. These claims A1 through wanted the court to declare the contracts of guarantee on these loans are invalid because they were issued in favour of companies Vaneeva with numerous violations of corporate procedures of approval of such transactions, explained the position of her representative. Claim personally to Vaneeva was served to exclude him from among the members of the LLC. The representative of the press service of VEB had replied that the Bank has no information about the content of claims, however, stated that the transactions of the Bank with the company “Evrodon” LLC “Evrodon-South” were signed “in accordance with the approved compliance regulations of the Bank and in accordance with applicable law”. As part of the deal with VEB, the parties settled the claims A1 to Vadim Vaneeva and “Evrodona”, explained the representative A1.

The group of companies “Evrodon”

Production “Evrodona”, Russia’s largest producer of turkeys, in 2015 amounted to 47 thousand tons of Turkey in live weight. In 2014 (more recent statistics are not available) the revenue of LLC “Evrodon”, registered in the Rostov region, according to SPARK, compared with the previous year increased by 14.2% to 4.75 billion rubles, net profit amounted to 333 million rubles, part of the group LLC “Evrodon-South” is implementing a new project of industrial Turkey production in the Rostov region, its design capacity — 60 thousand tons, According to SPARK, “Evrodon-South” on 100% belongs Vaneeva, the company’s revenue in 2014 amounted to 209 thousand rubles net loss — 15,8 mln.

The company “Ursdon” engaged in the production of Turkey hatching eggs. Its revenue, according to SPARK, in 2014 (more recent statistics are not available) amounted 486,8 mln., net profit of 125 thousand rubles. Construction company Irdon builds prefabricated houses. In early 2011, the Bank granted “Inonu” 4 billion rubles for the construction of house building factory (DSK) with a capacity of 100 thousand square meters of housing a year, indicated earlier the newspaper “Vedomosti”. The company’s revenue in 2014 amounted to 242.7 million rubles, net loss — 527,5 million roubles. the Company “Metal-don” specialises on manufacture a sandwich-panels. Its revenue in 2014 to 2 billion rubles, the net loss of 333 million rubles.