“I am the infantry of Putin”: the resonance of the statement of Ramzan Kadyrov

“I am the infantry of Putin”: the resonance of the statement of Ramzan Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on February 27 said that his time as the head of region has passed. The term expires in early April. The politician has headed the region since 2007. Elections for the new leadership will be held in the Republic in a single day of voting – September 18, 2016.

Kadyrov is known not only as the head of the Republic, but also as an active user of social networks.

By the end of 2015 he topped the Russian rating of the most quoted bloggers, beating including Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin.

The statements of the head of Chechnya in the social networks and interviews have repeatedly been the subject of intense debate and discussions. collection of the most resonant quotes policy.

About the post of head of Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov is not the first time expressed readiness to resign the head of the region, on 23 February 2016, he stated that his mission at the current position can be considered completed and he was prepared to change the type of activity, if it wants the country’s leadership. The politician has repeatedly stated that it is not clinging to his post.

20 times I asked them to let me go <…>. I have this position never catch on. I asked and today I’d like to leave

About the opposition

On January 12, Kadyrov accused the leaders of the non-systemic opposition in Russia in the attempt to loosen a political situation in the country.

People which previously had not been heard from, there trying to become famous those that oppose the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Representatives of so-called non-systemic opposition are trying to take advantage of a difficult economic situation. Such people must be treated as enemies of the people, as traitors. They have nothing Holy

18 January, Kadyrov said that his words were not directed against the “legitimate” opposition. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering the request to comment on Kadyrov’s statement, urged to carefully read the words of Chechen leader.

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Kadyrov called the report Yashin a one-man show and chatter

On January 22, in Grozny, a rally was held in support of the leadership of Russia and Chechnya, which brought together about a million participants.

In early February, a wide discussion was caused by a video Kadyrov in Instagram. It was a picture of former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. To account for his movements see “through the scope”. The post is provided with a recording: “Kasyanov arrived in Strasbourg for the money to Russian opposition. Whoever does not understand, he will understand”. Subsequently, the roller was removed. Kadyrov called it a “much-vaunted freedom of speech UN-American.”

On terrorists

In December 2014, following an attack on police officers in Grozny, Kadyrov said that “if action in Chechnya to commit murder of a police officer or other person, the family of the militant will immediately be deported from Chechnya without the right of return, and the house is demolished along with the Foundation”.

In Chechnya, we will not allow to become Wahhabis, but even to imitate them in dress or behavior. I officially declare that came the end time when he said that parents are not responsible for the actions of the sons or daughters. In Chechnya will be responsible

These words were commented by the President of the Russian Federation, noting that everything in Russia are obliged to observe the laws and no one has the right to “extrajudicial killings”. Kadyrov, in turn, said he was willing to fight against terrorists within the law and to execute any orders of Putin.

The security forces

In April of last year police officers from the Stavropol region together with the temporary operational group of bodies and divisions (Vogoip) the interior Ministry held in Grozny, in an operation Dzhambulat Dadaeva. During the arrest Dadaev was killed. Because of this, Kadyrov spoke out against the security forces from other regions. In turn, the interior Ministry called unacceptable the statements of Kadyrov about “opening fire” on militiamen. However, the head of Chechnya said about the absence of any conflict between him as the head of the Republic or the Chechen security forces and Federal security agencies, including the FSB.

I’m a civil servant, I’m General, I’m a hero. And I’m not us, not the employee of special services of the Western or European – I’m a man of the Kremlin, Putin’s man I

“I am a servant of the people, I am a servant of the most high, I infantry of Putin”, – said the head of Chechnya.

About Russia and Putin

About their loyalty to Russia and personally to President Kadyrov has stated repeatedly.

15 years Putin helps our people. Now we ask the national leader of Russia to consider us a voluntary squad of the Supreme commander, ready to defend Russia, its stability, borders and fulfill any task

The head of Chechnya also declared that is ready to give their lives for Russia and head of state.

To give your life for such a man is the easiest task. I assure you that I will execute any order, will solve for him the problems of any complexity, what it is for me not worth it! Serve Russia! Serve the people

About religion

In September 2015 the judge of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk court Natalya Perchenko at the suit of the Prosecutor Tatyana Bilobrova recognized “extremist material” the book “Prayer (Dua) to God: its significance and place in Islam”. The reason for this was al-Fatiha and other surahs of the Quran. Kadyrov called Perchenko “national traitor, and the devil” and demanded for the decision “severe punishment”.

I and my comrades, reading the Quran, defended the integrity of Russia, fought, and are fighting international terrorism, we condemn extremism all over the world. <…> In tsarist times tens of thousands of Chechens brought on the Koran an oath of allegiance to the Motherland and heroically battled with the enemies of the Russian Empire

This situation has evoked a wide response and led to the adoption of the law banning recognition of extremist materials the texts of the Bible, the Koran, the Tanakh and the Gandzhur.

Previously Kadyrov stated that the most important thing in the life of a Muslim is a religion.

For us, Islam is the most important. More than laws. Islam says if your state allows you to pray and study the Koran and build a mosque, you are required by the state to protect. There is no contradiction between our ADAT, the Koran and the Constitution

January 19, 2015, following the terrorist attacks in Paris on the editorial Board of the weekly Charlie Hebdo, published a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed, the head of Chechnya in Grozny led the campaign against the abuse of religion. It was attended by over a million people. Addressing the meeting, Kadyrov said that Islam is a religion of peace.

About the case of Boris Nemtsov

March 13, 2015 Kadyrov said that Zaur Dadaev, charged with the murder of Boris Nemtsov, killed several dangerous terrorists.

He could not take a single step against Russia, which for many years risked their own lives. A brave warrior was and Beslan Shabanov, who died the day before at attempt of detention. We believe that thorough investigation will show whether guilty Dadaev and that actually was the reason for his action

On 2 October last year, Kadyrov said that will definitely come in for questioning regarding the murder of Boris Nemtsov, if required by the Investigation Committee. However, on 21 December 2015, the Moscow city court upheld the investigators ‘ failure to question the head of Chechnya as a witness in this case.

Cinema, horses and science: five facts about Ramzan Kadyrov

  • Kadyrov has starred in short film “Magic comb”, and also played in the action film “Who does not understand, he will understand”.
  • The head of Chechnya awarded the title of honorary Professor of Islamic University named Kunta-Haji Kishiev. And in January 2016 Kadyrov said that he received the title of honorary academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences (RANS) for achievements in restoring peace and stability in the region.
  • The politician is a black belt in karate.
  • In 2014, the stallion Zazu, owned by Kadyrov, won at the races in Baden-Baden. However, the prize of €5 thousand were frozen due to the fact that the head of Chechnya included in the black list of the European Union. Later the German authorities and withdrew restrictions on the granting of the prize and funds for the maintenance of horses policy.
  • Kadyrov – the honourable leader of the all-Russian motorcycle club “Night wolves” in Chechnya. In October 2015 he took part in the motorcycle run in honor of the birthday of Vladimir Putin.