Media reported about the first violations of the cease-fire in Syria

In Syria, government forces several times relatively slightly violated the ceasefire. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the Syrian rebels.

So, an opposition activist in the rebel-held city in HOMS province, said that the government army fired at the village within 15 minutes after the start of the truce. According to him, the shooting continued at about 00:15 local time, but then stopped.

Rebel, located in the province of Daraa, reported that the fighting in southern Syria came to an abrupt halt at midnight. “In the first half hour of the ceasefire came relatively calm, but the situation is tense”, he told AP. According to him, in the city of Daraa and the surrounding areas, not the fighting, but in the village of Abadeh in the same province there is an intense firefight. Rebel also said that in the village Barking two people suffered because of the attacks of the army.

The Associated Press correspondent in Damascus reported that sounds of explosions were heard in the city since the start of the truce. One of the rebels, located in a suburb of the Syrian capital, Guten, reported that the area “is quiet for the first time in years.”

According to Reuters, the UN has said that after the ceasefire, several incidents were reported in Damascus and Daraa, clashes, however, quickly stopped According to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, after midnight in Aleppo were shots fired, and in HOMS — bombings, what caused it is unknown.

Source RIA Novosti in the Syrian people’s Opolchenie told that the fire mortars on residential districts of Aleppo and HOMS opened group, controlled by banned in Russia as a terrorist organization “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”. On it, in terms not covered by the ceasefire.