The daughter of Boris Nemtsov called the conditions of his return to Russia

According to Jeanne němcová, her return is possible only if Russia “will become a legal state, not the country where lawlessness prevails”. The second condition she has called the presence in Russia of work for yourself. “I have no final decision that I will never visit Russia”, — she said.

Speaking about the reasons of his departure, Jeanne Nemtsov said that “by the time it was already clear that the investigation is not conducted as it should be, that there is a desire not to reveal this murder, and it comes from the Russian authorities”. “Even Eremeeva, and this is one of the possible organizers in the opinion of the investigation team, announced in the Federal wanted list and has charged him in absentia of charges. Twice the resolution is not signed by Bastrykin is information,” she said.

Commenting on the invitation of Ramzan Kadyrov to come to visit for tea, Jeanne Nemtsov has stated that it is concerned only to the head of Chechnya has testified. “Tea doesn’t interest me, I’m only interested in an objective and thorough investigation,” she said.

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Jeanne Nemtsov also said that she was uncomfortable living in a country where before the burial of her father on the Federal channels were “slanderous and dirty program”. Besides, the politician’s daughter, she said, had received threats on the social network, including physical violence.