The EU’s decision on lifting sanctions against Belarus came into force

The EU decision on lifting some sanctions against Belarus and personally President Alexander Lukashenko came into force from Saturday, February 27. This is stated in the message in the Official journal of the EU.

The Council of the European Union at the level of foreign Ministers decided to lift the sanctions, imposed on the President of Belarus and 169 officials of the country. Removed the ban on entry into the European Union and financial sanctions.

In addition, the EU lifted sanctions against three Belarusian companies, but left the ban on arms sales, sanctions against four people, whom the EU suspects of involvement in the disappearances, as well as sanctions on four companies.

The first sanctions against Belarus were introduced in 1998, the EU later imposed additional restrictions. The EU has already once canceled them: sanctions are not operated from 2008 to 2011, but were reintroduced in response to the events that followed the presidential elections in 2010. Then in Minsk was the largest in recent years, the protest disagreed with the procedure and results of the elections, all presidential candidates were arrested, some sentenced to prison.