The government will ask for 130 billion rubles of pension money on the way out of the crisis

“We are under budgeted spending 342 billion rubles on behalf of the President. In General, the government of the Russian Federation on anti-crisis plan decided on — up to 250 billion rubles to Finance that amount, we will need to appeal to the President to obtain the consent for the waste parts of the reserve — about 130 billion rubles”, — said Anton Siluanov on Saturday (quoted by Interfax).

“We will contact the President with this request,” added the Minister.

The 2016 budget includes provisions for the establishment of the Fund in the amount of 342,2 billion roubles, These means are formed by the freeze of pension savings in 2016. They can be spent on behalf of the President and the government.

“Kommersant” reported on February 24 about the letter that the Minister of Finance has written to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In it Siluanov spoke about the shortfall in the implementation of anti-crisis plan. He recalled that from 250 billion rubles of funds for the implementation of anti-crisis plan of the government’s anti-crisis Fund has only 120 billion rubles, the Finance Minister says that in fact the government now has in the Fund is 65 billion rubles. about 55 billion rubles may appear in April, when the Federal Treasury will be sending unclaimed balances budget for 2015. Siluanov reminded about the right of governments to spend in 2016 to 342,2 billion rubles from the presidential reserve.

On the same day, addressing a meeting of the Board of the Federal Treasury the Minister of Finance said that the current situation differs significantly from the crises of 1998 and 2008-2009. “The situation is long-standing. We see these bounces from the viewpoint of improving the balance of payments, as it was in the past difficult moments, we do not expect. So we are preparing for a long work in the current conditions,” — said Siluanov (quoted by TASS).