The lawyer declared wanted by Interpol organizer of the murder Nemtsov

The lawyer of the family of Boris Nemtsov, killed in Moscow in February 2015, Vadim Prokhorov, said that the accused in the murder of Ruslan policy muhudinov declared internationally wanted by Interpol, reports “Interfax”.

“I know that Muhudinov organized and wanted by Interpol”, — quotes Agency the words of Prokhorov. The lawyer said that the search of the defendant not only engaged in national Bureau of Interpol in Russia, but also the General Secretariat of the organization in Lyon.

At the time of receipt of this information the questionnaire Muhudinov in the “Wanted” on the Interpol website on it. The same is said and the lawyer. “On the website this information is not available, but we will try to put in there,” — said Prokhorov.

“We believe that muhudinov is directly related to the murder, but no need to exaggerate its role, and how to diminish. It is, rather, the executor, the organizer,” the lawyer added.

In December 2015, “Rosbalt” referring to a source in law enforcement bodies reported that the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry transferred to the headquarters of Interpol materials on Ruslan Muhudinov. The interlocutor of the edition told that they talked about bringing Muhudinov as a defendant in paragraph”g” and “h” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder by a group of persons from mercenary motives) and part 3 of article 222 of the RF criminal code (illegal circulation of weapons).