The media learned about the military Advisor to trump on the issues of relations with Russia

As informs Agency Reuters, citing three sources among the former employees of the State Department, Advisor to trump on foreign Affairs is a retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who in 2012-2014 has headed the defense intelligence Agency of the United States.

Flynn has always been considered a supporter of closer relations with Russia in solving the world’s problems, particularly in the middle East.

In December 2015, Flynn gave an interview to the edition “the Power”, which talked about the fact that Russia and the U.S. must begin a truly constructive question to resolve the situation in Syria. “USA important more realistic to look at who is who in this zoo,” he said, commenting on disagreements of Moscow and Washington in the definition of terrorist groups among the opponents of Bashar al-Assad.

“We firmly believe in the existence of mutual interest to destroy this cancer of radical forms of Islam. If we don’t do this together, we’ll try to do that separately, which will be much harder,” said Flynn in an interview. “President Obama once said that the U.S.-led coalition of 60 members, and the President has only two. We should not talk this way. Today in the ranks of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia, terrorist organizations) — representatives of 80 countries. This coalition of more than us,” he added.

Trump back in early February, promised to tell, who prepares his foreign policy agenda, but never did. Flynn declined to comment to Reuters. About his views on relations with Russia, he referred the journalists to his previous statements.