The us Ambassador laid flowers at the scene of the murder of Boris Nemtsov

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft has honored the memory of killed in 27 February 2015 leader Boris Nemtsov, having laid flowers to the place of his death on Moskvoretsky bridge, RIA Novosti reported.

“I and the U.S. Embassy staff, we’re all here this morning represent the people and the President of the United States. We are gathered here to honor the memory of the man we knew as official, politics, and many Americans — as a friend. We are here today to honor his memory, the values he defended, and to Express the hope that in the future much of what he dreamed, will come true in Russia,” — said Tefft.

The Agency clarifies that the Ambassador came to the memorial Nemtsov about 10:00 Moscow time, and at this time, on Moskvoretsky bridge was about the people who carried flowers and candles to the place of the murder policies.