Usmanov has increased the share in the football club “Arsenal” to 30.4%

Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov has increased his stake in London football club “Arsenal” to 30.4%. On Friday told the Daily Mail. The representative of Usmanov confirmed these data .

The increase in the share allowed the billionaire to become the second largest shareholder of Arsenal, says the Daily Mail. Controlling stake belongs to Stan Kronke, which owns 67% of the shares.

Package at 30.4% is owned by Red&White, they were jointly owned by Usmanov and business partner Farhad Moshiri. The Russian billionaire bought the shares Moshiri, and now holds Red&White on 100%, said the representative of Usmanov.

In Friday’s edition of “championship” also reported that Usmanov has become the club owner of English Premier League Everton. On this edition said a source in the English Premier League close to the transaction. The interlocutor has not specified, what share of the club allegedly bought by a billionaire. Usmanov, the representative stated that information about buying, “Everton” is not true.