Zhanna Nemtsova — : “Bastrykin alone in my opinion”

“Bastrykin alone in my opinion”

A year on from the murder of Boris Nemtsov. The head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin at the end of January stated that the case is solved, and solved last year. How do you evaluate the progress of the investigation and what are your next steps?

I think Bastrykin alone in my opinion: I have not heard anyone else say that the case is solved. This, in my opinion, is simply a lie 100%. The case is closed against the perpetrators, the case goes to trial, and the trial will probably begin in April. But the organizers and customers is allocated in separate manufacture, and investigation continues. I think, even from the point of view of the investigative Committee opened the case can not be considered.

The case has received international attention and the continued, it will be considered in PACE. Moscow refused to participate in the General Assembly, arguing that the PACE Nemcova uses the case as an element of political provocation against Russia. What do you think about this statement and what exactly you expect from decision PACE?

I have repeatedly said that I will to use the mechanisms of international control over the investigation into the murder of my dad. Such mechanisms are very few. PACE is one of them, it is an instrument of control, not investigation. I participated in the final hearings of the PACE on this case. A document was prepared, called a Motion for resolution. It was signed by over 60 members. It is considered that the document required for appointment of a special Rapporteur, should be signed by at least 20 MPs from 5 different countries. We have exceeded the plan on the first day.

Russia is a member of PACE, and a PACE is a tool such as the special Rapporteur. If Russia were a member of PACE, why the appointment of PACE’s special Rapporteur on this matter is a provocation against Russia? Apparently, nothing more to say, because to say that they opposed the investigation because the case is solved, they do not have still not the courage, but not enough bessovestnoi.

“Soil for suspicion of Kadyrov is”

— What do you think of the words of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, who said that non-systemic opposition enemies of the people?

How do I deal with that? I think that it is lawlessness which is permitted and encouraged by the Russian authorities. I believe that the statements of Kadyrov — this is another reason to ensure that he was questioned. I have repeatedly submitted the petition for interrogation of Ramzan Kadyrov. The UK rejected it, the court dismissed the appeal.

I believe that the ground for suspicion Kadyrov is definitely there, and the main ground is that Zaur Dadaev, one of the suspects in execution, at the time of execution of this murder served in the battalion “North”. Battalion the North is the internal forces that are under the control of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, is a part of internal troops of the MIA of Russia, but de facto it is controlled by Kadyrov. And I don’t believe that such a crime could be committed without his knowledge.

— Ramzan Kadyrov through the media invited me to visit for tea. He said he will Express condolences to you and answer your questions. Under what circumstances could you accept such an invitation?

He said I need to stop looking the customer in Chechnya, and to pay attention to the immediate environment of his father. Yeah and when invited to tea, to Express condolences. I’m not interested, I’m only interested in the fact that he gave evidence. Incidentally, he promised to do but did not — that is very important to the investigation. I’m only interested in an objective and thorough investigation.

— As far as I know, your departure from Russia was quite unexpected even for you. We talked in March, and you didn’t mean to abruptly leave the country. What happened, what exactly forced you to leave Russia?

In Russia killed my father. By that time it was already clear that the investigation is not conducted as it should be, that there is a desire not to reveal this murder, and it comes from the Russian authorities. Putin said that he would take control of this investigation — this is the result of his control. The result is very simple: even Eremeeva, and this is one of the possible organizers in the opinion of the investigation team, announced in the Federal wanted list and has charged him in absentia of charges. Twice the resolution is not signed by Bastrykin is information .

I received threats on the social network, including physical violence. This seriously I’m serious. Now the threat really stopped. And, finally, what happened with Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr: now there is no doubt that he was poisoned. When I found out about it, I decided not to return to Russia. Besides, I haven’t seen my continue working in Russia as a journalist.

— Do you see yourself as a politician, think about a political career?

Don’t really see. For Russian authorities, I’m a politician, because my last name Nemcova. Nemtsov is a political brand. What I require objective and comprehensive investigation, the world is completely normal behavior in Russia this is considered a political activity, even oppositional and anti-Putin.

What I have set up a Fund — it may also from the point of view of the authorities considered to be political activity, but I don’t have any political ambitions. Don’t have any ambitions to get into the Duma. I want to be a journalist.

You haven’t been to Russia, never came home even. Under what circumstances will you return to Russia, and I think if you go back home?

Yes, of course, I think about it theoretically. Now I don’t see this possibility. But sooner or later the situation will change when Russia did choose the right path of development, and will not state where lawlessness prevails, and a legal state, I’ll be back. The second condition is the ability to find a job in Russia. I have no final decision that I will never come to Russia.

In Germany, you have created “Fund of Boris Nemtsov for freedom”. How the Fund was established, what its goals and objectives?

I actually live in Germany, since August I work as a reporter in the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle. The Fund is registered in Germany. German law is quite tough: charities do not have the right to engage in political activity. The Foundation received the status of non-profit organizations, and all residents of Germany that transfer money to the Fund can deduct this amount from the tax base.

There are several sources of financing for the Fund. First, this year I became a laureate Polish Lech Walesa prize, and there could even a cash reward. This is a fairly large amount, it is divided into three parts. Part of the funds is meant for the winner, and he can do what he sees fit. I found it necessary to transfer money to the Fund. It is about 200 thousand euros. The second source is a grant, which managed to win the Fund, we have filed for another grant. The third source is a book, which will be released in Germany on February 12. This is my book “Awaken Russia.” The title comes from the quote of my father.

This year we plan to establish the prize of Boris Nemtsov for bravery, it will be awarded to the person who is connected with Russia, for courage in defending democratic values. The prize may be awarded not only for socio-political activist, she can be presented to the journalist, and cultural figure. A reward of 10 thousand euros.

The second project is a forum of Boris Nemtsov, we want to spend it on his birthday on October 9. A possible venue could be the Berlin. We would like to invite as experts not only of opposition leaders and politicians, but also economists and sociologists. Plan to do three panels: political, economic, and panel about the society, sociological.