Boris Titov: the aim of the new party on the basis of the “Right things” – “change the economy”

Boris Titov: the aim of the new party on the basis of the “Right things” – “change the economy”

MOSCOW, February 28. New party on the basis of “just cause” will represent the interests of “self-sufficient people”, and the aim of the Association will be a “changing economy”. About it told the Commissioner of the Russian President for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov in interview to RBC TV channel.

“It must be a party of strong regions. It should not be a leader, and democratic party,” Titov explained the concept of Association, which plans to lead.

The target audience of the party will not only businessmen, he said. “We, first of all, the party of doers. This is a responsible, self-sufficient people. They can build, to engage in scientific research, to serve in the army. These are the people who think not only about tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow”, – said Titov.

Business Ombudsman also reported that it plans to conduct a traditional election campaign and “posting billboards across the country,” and intends to focus on campaigning in the Internet.

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Speaking about the sources of election campaign funding Titov noted that the part of means is planned to attract entrepreneurs, as well as to start crowdfunding.

Ideological difference between the new liberal party from other political forces Titov sees that “we still believe that we need to be strong policy, and we support major decisions that have been taken recently. Crimea is ours, definitely not. And this is the first major difference, say, from Parnassus or “the Apple””.

“For us the prize is a passage to the state Duma, because it is the tool that will allow us to change the economy,” said Titov.

As reported earlier, the Chairman of the party “just cause” Vyacheslav Maratkanov, February 29 will take place the Congress “Right cause”, which will elect a new Chairman and new composition of the Federal political Council. Maratkanov confirmed that the Chairman of the party plans to elect Titov, and he (Maratkanov) intends to enter into the Presidium of the Federal political Council.

According to Maratkanova, the name of the party at the Congress will not change.

Titov himself previously stated that he will go to the polls at the head of the party, created on the basis of the party “Right cause” with a new name and a new program. The party endowed with the so-called parliamentary privilege – an exemption from collecting signatures, as it has representation in regional legislatures. Titov intends to occupy the presidency of the party and lead the list of candidates for elections to the state Duma. If elected, he plans to leave the post of a business Ombudsman and become a member.