Cameron named among the reasons for saving Britain in the EU the threat from Russia

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron in his column which was published in The Daily Telegraph, listed the reasons why Britain should remain part of the European Union. Among them is an external threat that Britain has faced in recent years, including “Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.”

“There is a more important question about our role in the world: more or less likely in Britain to solve [problems] outside of the European Union? Of course, we are a strong country. We are the fifth largest economy in the world. We have superb armed forces. But we have to think about things, which in recent years has presented a threat to us: the nuclear program of Iran, Russian aggression in Uraine, the impact of migration crisis, Islamist extremism and terrorism,” he listed Cameron.

According to him, European countries should work together to cope with these threats. “And it is through the EU, Britain helped Europe to respond [to these threats]. And these problems will remain if Britain leaves the EU,” stressed the Prime Minister.

“This does not mean that we will not be able to cooperate with NATO or the US — but there is a reason why our NATO allies want us to remain in the EU,” said Cameron. According to him, the NATO allies see that membership of the EU amplifies Britain, and that “now is not the time for disunity among Western countries.”

He stressed that leaving the EU leads the risks, and this step for the UK would be “the adventure of the century”.

“The risk to our economy, as exiting [from the EU] might put pressure on the pound, interest rates and economic growth. The risk for our cooperation in the fight against crime and on security issues. And the risk to our reputation as a strong country in the centre of the world’s major institutions”, — concluded the Prime Minister.

The referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU will be held on June 23. Last week London has concluded with the EU deal, which implies a special status of Britain in the European Union. In particular, Cameron has provided the city of London financiers independence from European regulators and the strengthening of the principle of walking in multiple EU currencies, and achieved the formal recognition of Britain’s rights to refuse further integration. At the same time the Prime Minister noted that these concessions enough to the referendum, citizens voted to keep the UK seat in the EU.