G20 warned of a “shock” to the global economy at the exit of Britain from the EU

Finance Ministers of the leading countries of the world warned of a “shock” to the global economy in the event of a British exit from the EU. This forecast is contained in a statement adopted at the conclusion of the two-day meeting in the framework of the G20 group in Shanghai, informs bi-Bi-si.

“Financial leaders of the largest countries in the world have given their unanimous verdict, according to which the withdrawal of Britain from the EU would be a shock to the world economy”, — said the Minister of Finance Britain’s George Osborne, who took part in the meeting. “This isn’t some adventurous journey into the unknown [ … ] Is extremely serious,” he added.

While Osborne emphasized that London did not pressure the other countries to this conclusion was made in the final statement. “We have at the negotiating table there are such parties as the United States of America, as the IMF (international monetary Fund), China, which is clearly not going to do that they impose on other countries,” he said.

Osborne’s position was confirmed by the Minister of Finance of Italy pier Carlo Padoan. “We are considering a possible British exit from the EU as a powerful geopolitical shock, negative shock,” said Padoan on Saturday during the meeting in Shanghai, as quoted by Reuters.

The referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU will be held on June 23. Last week London has concluded with the EU deal, which implies a special status within the Union. In particular, Prime Minister David Cameron has secured financiers of the city of London independence from European regulators and the strengthening of the principle of walking in multiple EU currencies, and achieved the formal recognition of Britain’s rights to refuse further integration. Then Cameron noted that these concessions enough to the referendum, citizens voted to keep the UK seat in the EU.