Mail.Ru made a change in the structure of business because of the new bill

The company Mail.Ru Group can separate your news aggregator “news Mail.Ru” from the core business. This can happen if the law, aggregators equated to mass media will be adopted in its current form, said at a conference call with the managing Director and chief financial officer Mail.Ru Group Matthew Hammond.

25 February in the state Duma was introduced the bill, news aggregators equated to mass media. Answering the question about the bill, Hammond said that while the project is at an early stage and it is difficult to predict how it will look in the final act. He also reminded that the Ministry of communications spoke against the bill.

Hammond explained that if the bill is passed in its current form, Mail.Ru Group is considering several options, one of them is the office of a news aggregator from the core business. According to a top Manager, for users and investors Mail.Ru in this regard, nothing will change. “We have ample flexibility to significantly change its structure, causing harm to our business or shareholders,” he added.

Internet company “Yandex” owning news aggregator “Yandex.News”, announced that in the case of adoption of law it will have to close the service. The company believes that the owners of the news aggregators have limited opportunities to check the accuracy and legality news. News aggregators pick up and process messages automatically, in real time: this is the only way to collect and process such a huge amount of material explained in “Yandex”.

I Mail.Ru in contrast to the “Yandex”, the selection of news aggregator is not only robots — in a choice of tops involve editors.

The draft law, news aggregators equated to mass media, was introduced in the state Duma Deputy from “Fair Russia” Alexey Kazakov and Communist Alexander Yushchenko. The MPs want the aggregators bore the same responsibility for the information, and the media, and received a special license in Roskomnadzor. On December 26 the bill was considered in the profile Committee of the state Duma and was sent to all relevant agencies for feedback.

Deputy Minister of communications Alexei Volin said that the authors of the bill had not consulted with the Ministry and that the Ministry does not support the project. “This bill we have not seen, he has not been officially reported, and this idea we do not like. We believe that if we bring this idea to its logical conclusion, with the same success to the media can be compared and newsagents. We see in the window of kiosk covers of Newspapers and magazines and can read them on the headlines — is not a news aggregator?” Volin stated.

Regulation of news aggregators can directly affect the work of the media, who receive from them a greater share of the traffic. Adviser to the President on the problems of the Internet, the founder of LiveInternet German Klimenko said that, if, for example, “Yandex.News” will close the Russian media can lose 7-8 million visitors a day, or up to 30% of the traffic. According to LiveInternet, the website received from “Yandex.News” in February 2016 33.6% of visitors, — 13,5%, — 36%, by 18.7%.