Moscow urged to “put away ambition” and unite against ISIS

To effectively counter terrorism is only possible together, said the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov in an interview with Algerian newspaper “Expresión”, which is published on the Russian MFA website.

Lavrov stressed that the fight against terrorism “on a solid basis of international law with the Central coordinating role of the UN, without “double standards”.

“Today, we must put aside ambitions and differences and with no linkages and no preconditions to unite for the defeat of the ISIL [ terrorist group “Islamic state”, banned in Russia] and other extremist groups that have defied human civilization,” — said Lavrov.

According to the Minister, this is “the main sense of initiative [Russian President] Vladimir Putin on the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front”.

On the eve of Sergey Lavrov held telephone talks with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, they, in particular, discussed enhancing coordination in the war between Russia and the USA in Syria, where the day before he started to act a ceasefire.

About necessity of creation of a wide anti-terrorist coalition, Moscow has stated repeatedly. So, in January of this year, the press service of the Kremlin reported that during a telephone talks with US President Vladimir Putin “stressed the need to form a broad coalition to combat “Islamic state” and other extremist organizations.” Publicly announced his position, the Russian President, speaking at the UN General Assembly in September last year. He proposed to create a broad, “like the anti-Hitler” coalition against the terrorists.

Now in Syria are the U.S.-led coalition, which includes more than 50 countries and a coalition of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria government forces.