Ryzhkov and Gudkov called for the establishment of a single list of opposition on the basis of “Apple”

Former co-Chairman of party PARNASSUS Vladimir Ryzhkov and state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov called for the creation of a single opposition list on the basis of the Yabloko party ahead of parliamentary elections and expressed support for the candidacy of the founder of the party Grigory Yavlinsky at the presidential elections of 2018. He announced this at the Congress of Yabloko on Sunday.

Ryzhkov stressed that I completely agree with all the emphases and assessments set out in the Memorandum of Yabloko, and on the basis of this document it is necessary to go on elections.

“The opposition must be not only a single list in the elections to the state Duma, which I am sure will win, but a single candidate for the presidency in 2018”, — said the politician.

He added that if such a single candidate will be determined Yavlinsky, he “fully support it”.

Gudkov stressed that a first priority of the party “Yabloko” is the participation in the presidential campaign and the democratic Association on the basis of the Memorandum. “I don’t want war, I don’t want the country was in isolation, I don’t want to be the only independent candidate of the state Duma. I am willing to participate in the unification process, ready to support any agreements that arise between Demolitia, Parnassus, between the party “Yabloko”, — he said. Gudkov added that he could support Yavlinsky in the elections.

On weekends in the suburbs passes the second stage of the Congress “the Apple”. The Chairman of the party Emilia Slabunov invited to nominate Yavlinsky as candidate in the presidential elections 2018