The U.S. state Department reported Asian origin killed in Washington children

As informs the Agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to the representative of the American foreign Ministry, the state Department “expressed its deep distress over reports that two children who were adopted from Asia, was among those killed in a shooting in Washington state”. He did not specify of exactly how the country came the children, indicating that the Agency is seeking additional information about it.

On the eve of the children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said that several American sources, including the official indicated that killed in Washington adolescents were adopted children from Russia. However, he said that U.S. authorities have problems with determining the true origin of the victims, because in the USA there is no single database of adopted children.

On the evening of 27 February, the relatives of the deceased mother of two teenagers reported that children came to America from Kazakhstan. This information examines the foreign Minister of the Central Asian countries.

In the evening of 26 February in the town of Belfair in the U.S. state of Washington 51-year-old David Campbell the man shot four members of his family and then committed suicide. When shooting killing two teenagers and their foster mother, managed to escape 12-year-old girl, who was adopted in China.

It is still unknown why the man opened fire on the relatives. There is information that he had previously engaged in the business of selling air conditioners, but not so long ago went to hospital and was treated. It is known that the man was the weapon from which it was periodically shooting at targets along with the rest of the family.