Topilin: the real wages of Russians in 2016 may be reduced by 3-4%

MOSCOW, February 28. The Ministry of labor does not predict a serious drop in real wages of Russians in 2016. The forecast decrease of salaries is estimated at 3-4%. About it on air of TV channel “NTV” said today the head of the Ministry Maxim Topilin.

“If the forecasts will not deteriorate and will be at the level that we projected, I think that there will be such a dramatic fall in real wages. They will maybe slightly decrease. But it will be within 3-4%”, – said Topilin.

Earlier, the Minister reported that by the end of 2015 wages Russians fell by 9.5%.

Topilin also stressed that the rise in unemployment in 2016 will be critical. “I think we’ll be somewhere in the range of 6-6,2-6,3% in 2016, which is, in my opinion, is acceptable, i.e. it is not critical”.

He also added that the labour Ministry is preparing a bill that will increase the maximum unemployment benefit at 70%, but to distribute this benefit is offered more targeted. “We are preparing a bill that will allow us within the framework of funds allocated for benefits to redistribute in favor of those people who have long histories who have found themselves in a difficult situation. And calculations show that we can virtually double the size of the maximum allowance, maybe 70 percent increase… you just Have to make this choice and to discuss with all of you,” he said.

Pensions by the end of 2015 “depreciated less of everything, in real terms they almost survived – minus 3.5 per cent,” the Minister said, explaining that in February of last year has been full indexation of pensions and “people received normal compensation.”