Ukrainian activists stopped 13 trucks with Russian support

In the Lviv region of the Ukrainian activists blocked 13 Russian trucks. As they say in the message on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian party “Freedom”, it happened in Sokolskaya district, Lviv region.

“The participants of the block checked the documents of the carriers and found that those moved with deviation from the route list. In particular, the path P15, which had stopped the machine, does not belong to those who have been formally permitted by the government”, — stated in the message of “Freedom”.

Thus, the messages of the activists, Russian trucks went accompanied by Ukrainian police. In the hands of the carriers, according to activists, were the payments made for support. “Police from the scene left. Lock freight transport continues. Activists appealed to the Lviv regional Department of the National police and expect from its representatives for an official explanation”, — is spoken in the message.

Last Saturday, the Ukrainian authorities stated that obstacles for the transit of Russian trucks through territory. In a statement issued by the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, stated that the protests against transit of Russian trucks are in the area of the ring road of the city of Stryi in Lviv region and at the checkpoint the village of Domanovo in the Volyn region.

The Department indicated that “shares of a peaceful nature and do not block the movement of vehicles” and warned about the illegality of blocking machines. Officials advised Russian carriers or to pass specified points, or to order via customs officers and border guards accompanied by the specialized vehicles of the National police.

In Ministry of transport yesterday confirmed the release of trucks, stopped by activists of nationalist organizations in Volyn and Lviv regions of Ukraine.

February 25, Kiev and Moscow lifted its ban on the transit of trucks. However, activists of the Ukrainian party “Svoboda”, as well as the organization “Carpathian Sich” declared renewal of blocking Russian trucks.