Ukrainian nationalists block the passage of trucks from the Russian Federation on the border with Belarus

Ukrainian nationalists block the passage of trucks from the Russian Federation on the border with Belarus

KIEV, February 28. Members of the nationalist party “Freedom” began to block the passage of Russian trucks on Ukrainian-Belarusian border. About it reports a press-party service.

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“February 28, 2016 Zhytomyr and Ovruch members have started a campaign to block the movement of the Russian freight transport on the territory of Ukraine from Belarus”, – stated in the message.

In the Zhytomyr region “members” has deployed three Russian trucks at the border with Belarus. In the Lviv region also stopped five trucks. According to information, the trucks with Russian registration do not allow to drive in Chernivtsi, Lviv region and in Transcarpathia and Volhynia.

From midnight on 25 February, was resumed transit road freight transport between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. In the operational headquarters of Ukraine assure that you explain to the citizens about banning the blocking of roads and trucks, as well as warn about criminal liability for such actions.

On February 26, in the party “Svoboda” declared that the blockade of Russian trucks resumed in four regions: Chernivtsi, Volyn, Lviv and Zakarpattya. For the first time the blockade of the Russian trucks began on February 12 in Transcarpathia were banned in Russia organization “Right sector”.

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The Ministry of infrastructure estimates the losses from blocking Russian trucks in 115 billion hryvnia ($4.2 billion). “A rough estimate of loss of 15 billion transportation revenue plus a minimum of 100 billion UAH from the sale of our goods for export. I’m afraid that’s actually much more scary to consider,” wrote the head of the Department of motor vehicles of the Ministry of the Roman Khmil in Facebook.

In his words, stop the transit of Russian for Ukraine, as a country of transit country that receives a significant share of budget revenues from international trade and transit flows – it infrastructure disaster. “It will stop our transit to Asia and bilateral transportation in Russia. Then stop rail transit. Then international companies will gradually stop coming on our site as well, because that’s the way we violate international agreements and their interests. Then we’ll get kicked out of the WTO and will be deprived of the support of the EU and the USA. As soon as we cease to behave in a civilized manner, we become in the eyes of our partners in Somalia, with all the negative consequences, ” wrote the Khmil.

In addition, according to his calculations, the road transit via Russia to Asia is 4 billion USD transport revenue plus 50 billion USD value of Ukrainian goods. “Bilateral trade in the Russian Federation: 2 billion plus turnover. Transit rail: UAH 9 bn plus turnover,” he concluded.