AKITA proposes to introduce “green” and “red” corridors for Internet parcels from abroad

AKITA proposes to introduce “green” and “red” corridors for Internet parcels from abroad

MOSCOW, February 29. Association of Internet Commerce (AKITA) proposes to create a “green” and “red” corridors for parcels from foreign online stores, said the head of the subgroup on the e-Commerce Association President Alexey Fedorov.

This issue was discussed on Monday during the meeting of the subgroup on e-Commerce, created the working group on the execution of orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the sphere of Internet development. The head of the working group, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Schegolev has set the task to develop a concept of regulation in the Russian Federation cross-border online trading until mid-March.

Branded shops

“AKITA offers more seriously to check the parcel online stores that will not be registered as Russian tax agents, other than parcels of stores that will be registered. We propose to make “green” and “red” corridors”, – said Fedorov.

Foreign store, registered as a Russian tax agent, will have to pay VAT in Russia, he said.

According to the head of the Association, the modes of “green” and “red” corridors will determine how quickly and easily the client will receive your parcel.

“The buyer will see the icon that this store is registered as a tax agent and he will buy in the store, knowing that your package will come very quickly. He doesn’t have to go anywhere, and all the gestures he will make a foreign store as a tax agent,” he explained.

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Accordingly, the parcel of unregistered shops will be more difficult to obtain. “Another store that is not registered, – the parcel will come as something different. Or the buyer will have to go somewhere, for example, in the Bank or pay the tax”, – said the President of AKITA.

Thus, the consumer will benefit from buying from foreign online shops, which are registered as Russian tax agents and foreign shops will be beneficial to register, because the buyers will go, Fyodorov said.

The Association hopes to reach an agreement with a market plasmi that they themselves have registered as a Russian tax agent.

“We hope that we will be able to reach an agreement with Alibaba that it completely took over the whole function, and the buyers didn’t need to communicate with each individual online store, presented on Chinese online platform. He (Alibaba) one will be registered and will myself to deal with them on the value of goods exported to Russia, and retention of duties and VAT”, – said Fedorov.

The threshold of the proceeding to the trade

In addition to registration as a tax agent in the Russian Federation there is another option of creating equal conditions for Russian and foreign players in the e-commerce market: the reduction in the threshold duty-free.

“We will, in parallel, to reduce the duty-free threshold from €1 thousand to €22, as well as in Belarus and the EU”, – said Fedorov. “Discusses double unit and that stores, who are tax agents for their parcels will not be charged a fee, and for those stores that are not tax agents, will be the threshold of free trade,” he added.

The AKITA is not yet know which option will be the key: to make foreign players as VAT payers or to lower the threshold of duty-free trade. However, the Association believe that one of these options is sure to be adopted.

According to AKITA, the Russian market of Internet trade by the end of 2015 increased 5% to 750 billion rubles. the Total number of online orders has exceeded 200 million, with about 80-85 million was made in foreign online stores (an increase of 75%). Thus, the proportion of overseas online purchases has increased from 30% in 2014 to 40% in 2015.