Business Ombudsman Titov at the Congress will be headed by “the Right thing” and will start its rebranding

Business Ombudsman Titov at the Congress will be headed by “the Right thing” and will start its rebranding

MOSCOW, February 29. Party “Right cause” on Monday will hold in Moscow the Congress, which is expected to be elected the new Chairman – Commissioner under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov. The Ombudsman, who has previously been part of the leadership of the Right cause party, intends to lead the party on elections in the state Duma under a new brand.

Instead of the portfolio of the Ombudsman – the mandate of the Deputy

About his desire to head the list of one of right-wing parties in Duma elections Titov said in January, eight months before the election, while the most active parties have already started pre-election training. In cooperation with the business Ombudsman was expected, “Civic platform”, but an agreement was eventually reached with the party “Right cause”, which co-chair Titov was in 2008-2011.

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The party endowed with the so-called parliamentary privilege – an exemption from collecting signatures, as it has representation in regional assemblies. All of these 14 parties, including four of the Duma.

Titov said that, if elected, will leave the post of business Ombudsman will become the Deputy of the state Duma, despite the fact that for him it will be “some demotion”. “I believe that today, when not accepted the most important decisions for business, and some decisions simply goes against the interests of business and economy, unfortunately we have to use political tools,” he said.

It is right

Titov has repeatedly stressed that on the basis of “just cause” will essentially create a new party with a new name and an updated program. It was assumed that at the Congress on 29 February, in addition to personnel changes in the leadership, a decision will be made about the name change. Subsequently, however, the question of renaming “just cause” has decided to postpone to a later date.

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According to the chief of staff of Tatiana Marchenko, February 29, the Congress will elect a new Chairman and new composition of the collegial governing body – the Federal political Council. The name is expected to be changed at the second Congress to be held in March. At the same time and is expected to approve the electoral program with which the party will compete for votes.

As reported previously Marchenko, the program is almost ready. “There is a program, developed by the Stolypin club, we have participated in almost a year, it is called “Economics of growth”. The basis of the economic part (the party programme) lies with the programme, it will be the basis of everything,” she explained.

The command “left” in the right party

To participate in the elections together with the party Titova will be the acting Deputy of the state Duma, the ex-spravoross Oksana Dmitrieva and several of her supporters. Last spring, Dmitrieva as a result of conflict with the leadership of “Fair Russia” has been removed from his post as head of the St. Petersburg branch of the party and left its ranks. Together with her party left her husband, state Duma Deputy Ivan Grachev and deputies-spravorossy Andrei Krutov, Natalia Petukhova and Dmitry Ushakov. They established the Party of professionals, which was registered in the justice Ministry, but has no right to participate in elections.

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Dmitriev said earlier that I agree with the economic part of the provisional programme of the party Titova. “The economic program we have virtually no differences,” she said. While Dmitriev has underlined that “on social issues, the prospects of innovation development” and her team Titov “there are certain differences” that need to “match”.

Dmitrieva intends to run in single-mandate district in St. Petersburg and lead the party list “the just cause” on elections in city legislative Assembly.

In the updated party under the leadership of Titov will attract businessmen, representatives of public organization “Business Russia”, co-chairs of which is the business Ombudsman. According to the head of the “Right cause” Tatyana Marchenko, the majority of businessmen who will join the party, now independent.

Old right will remain in the team

The acting Chairman of the Right cause Vyacheslav Maratkanov said that he intends to remain in the leadership of the party went into the Federal political Council. In addition, part of the old leadership team of the party will remain in the political Council, he said.

“Will surely remain the backbone of the active members of the Federal political Council. It’s mainly the heads of regional offices, which have benefits in the upcoming election, go to their legislatures without collecting signatures. They earned it by their results in previous elections,” said Mardanov.

The Communists doubted the strength of our opponents

Titov said earlier in interview to the leading program “Vesti on Saturday” Sergei Brilev on the TV channel “Russia 1”, the main rivals in the elections to the state Duma considers the Communists. In his opinion, many entrepreneurs now, “especially small – and most of all – very well convinced the Communists that they are for small business”.

Some members of the Communist party, in turn, named a new party project headed Titov “pre-election fiction.” A few days before the Congress released a statement, which was signed by the deputies of the state Duma Valery Rashkin and Sergey Obukhov, Olga Alimova, Vladimir Rodin, a leader of the Communist party faction in the Moscow city Duma Andrey Klychkov, etc. According to the Communists, the party Titova – “this is not an attempt to improve the status of entrepreneurs, and a pre-election move, the purpose of which is to delay the voice of the opposition”.

“Titov the party must either “merge” votes garnered, or, if you get 5%, localize them, having several mandates that will never be able to influence”, – said in a statement.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held on 18 September under a mixed system: half of deputies (225) are elected in single-mandate constituencies, half by party lists.