Business Ombudsman Titov elected Chairman of the party “Right cause”

Business Ombudsman Titov elected Chairman of the party “Right cause”

MOSCOW, February 29. Authorized under the Russian President for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov was elected today at the Congress of the Right cause party by its Chairman.

According to the Chairman of the counting Commission of the Congress, Titov was elected unanimously in a secret ballot. With 86 delegates voted only 70, said the head of the counting Commission.

Election of the Chairman of the party was held unopposed, as the vote for his Deputy. He elected Tatyana Marchenko, who works as a supervisor in Titov headed the public organization “Business Russia”.

The ex-party Chairman Vyacheslav Maratkanov was elected a member of Presidium of Federal political Council.

Marchenko proposed at the end of the Congress to hold a meeting of the Federal political Council to determine the date of the next Congress. Titov said earlier that it planned to take place before 1 April. At the second Congress, expected to be approved election program and adopted the decision of changing or not the name of the party. “The machine in the future headquarters of the party, I hope, will be here in “Business Russia”, – said Marchenko.

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In Moscow started its work the Congress “Right cause”

The new composition of the Federal political Council of the party elected a single list. It includes 24 people. In addition, according to the Charter, the political Council also include the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the party.

From the past of members of the political Council in the new crossed Mardanov, the head of the faction of the Right cause party in the legislative Assembly of Dagestan Mohammed Shabanov, the old party members Michael and Anichkin Alexander Neronov.

In managing collegial body of the “Right things” also became an Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev, the regional business ombudsmen – Igor Yakimchik, previously released from United Russia, (Krasnodar region), and Nailya Nikitina (Astrakhan region).

The majority in the Federal Council was made up of entrepreneurs, in particular, the head of Management Development Group Inc. Dmitry Potapenko, the head of the company “Sovfraht” Dmitry Purim, Boris Gorkunov, which Titov was introduced as “the largest producer of caviar grown in the Yaroslavl region”.

With the support of guests from the “United Russia”

To the Congress as guests arrived deputies of the state Duma from “United Russia” – Deputy Chairman of Committee on economic policy Victor Zvagelsky and first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on housing policy and housing Elena Nikolaeva.

Zvagelsky in conversation with has underlined that is present here as a long-time associate of Boris Titov and expressed joy at the fact that in Russia “there appeared a common right wing”.

“The economic program, which declares “the Right thing” written from the beginning to the end of the Stolypin club, which I am a member, I participated in the development of this program,” – said United Russia. He added that together with Titov created the inter-faction group for the protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights, which he chairs in the state Duma.

To the question, is it possible for Zvigelskaya from “United Russia” for the sake of joining “the cause”, the Deputy answered in the negative. “There is no question, talking only about the cooperation,” he said.

Nikolaev did not comment on his possible participation in the activities of the “Right things”, stressing that it is a valid member of the faction “United Russia” in the Duma and is at the Convention as a guest.

“I quite actively participated in the development of the party program in Economics. I’m pretty sure our economy is primary and needs to think now about the real state of the Russian economy, which, unfortunately, is now experiencing not the best times,” she said.

And political issues, according to Nikolaeva, now “secondary”. “I think we, together with colleagues will try to make a capable platform,” he added.

Titov in January, said he intends to lead the Right cause and lead it to elections in the state Duma. The Ombudsman expects that the party under his leadership will overcome the five percent barrier and will hold in the lower house a few independent candidates.