Facebook has become wrong to display the fonts on some devices are not recognized by Russia

MOSCOW, February 29. Facebook has become wrong to display the fonts on some devices are not recognized by the city of residence of the users of the resource. Mostly this problem occurs in Russia, including Moscow. This was reported by several users of the social network.

“Moscow, Russia my profile Facebook turned into unreadable gibberish on the tablet,” writes on his page one of the users.

In the discussions, visitors of a resource they say about this issue, confirming that this error is logged frequently on devices running on the Android platform, but incorrectly displays the names of Russian cities and on iOS, and Windows mobile devices, and desktop computers.

In some cases, the error is displayed when the cursor is on a field called city and country, then a window will pop up with garbled characters.

The press service of the Russian office of Facebook are unable to comment on the situation, but promised to investigate. The answer from technical support, social network also has not yet been received.

According to the expert in the field of development of social networks, the Director for marketing communications Brand Analytics Basil Black, the problem is related to Facebook in recent days, the system updates this resource. Among these updates, in particular, the fact that “likes” acquired additional option to define their emotional reaction.

“They are quite difficult to functionality for mobile applications. Trying to combat such problems, several times Facebook has released an update (update – approx. ed),” explained Black.

The expert believes that the team Facebook works quickly, so within two days the problem will be solved.