Ministry: Ukraine more than Russia is interested in the unhindered transit of trucks

Ministry: Ukraine more than Russia is interested in the unhindered transit of trucks

KYIV, February 29. The Ukrainian transit of trucks through the territory of Russia is 5.5 times more than the transit of trucks with Russian registration through Ukraine. This was stated Monday in a press-service of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, noting that Kiev is interested in the mutual unimpeded passage of vehicles.

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“Over the past three days since the restoration of the normal mode of transit, trucks with Ukrainian registration crossed the border towards the Russian Federation or of there 5.5 times more than the truck registered in Russia”, – stated in the message.

The Ministry said that during the period 26-28 February, across the border of Ukraine towards Russia has left the Ukrainian 1129 truck registration, back – 691, and on the territory of Ukraine entered only 211 transit trucks registered in the Russian Federation, left – 119.

“Statistics show that the volume of Ukrainian transit through the territory of Russia much more. That is why Ukraine, the Russian business and carriers are interested in the mutual unimpeded transit through the territory of both countries”, – explained in the press service mininfrastruktury.

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The Ministry also noted that Ukraine was fulfilling its obligations to ensure the smooth transit of cargo transport from Russia via its territory.

“The state’s position remains unchanged: Ukraine continues to fulfill its commitments to ensure unimpeded transit. Operational headquarters in full control of the situation and ready to provide clarification and support on the issues of transit through the territory of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

Previously Ukrainian radicals with the support of Association of Ukrainian nationalists “Freedom”, despite the agreement on the restoration of transit and the presence of a police escort, said stop in Lviv region and preventing further movement 6 Russian trucks.

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However, the Ministry of infrastructure of the country, in spite of this, note that the transit of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine is carried out smoothly. “According to the message of the operational staff transit can move freely on the territory of the country. All trucks that entered our country in the last days, or had already left abroad, or are moving through our area without obstacles”, – said in a statement the Ministry of infrastructure.

The organization “Freedom”, in turn, argues that its representatives have begun to block the passage of Russian trucks from Belarus. In the Zhytomyr region “members” allegedly deployed three Russian trucks at the border with Belarus. In the Lviv region also stopped five trucks. According to information, the trucks with Russian registration do not allow to drive in Chernivtsi, Lviv region and in Transcarpathia and Volhynia.

From midnight on 25 February, was resumed transit road freight transport between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. In the operational headquarters of Ukraine assure that announce to the citizens of banning the blocking of roads and trucks. The Ukrainian authorities also warn about criminal liability for such actions.

For the first time the blockade of the Russian trucks began on February 12 in Transcarpathia were banned in Russia organization “Right sector”.