Nature or negligence: was it possible to avoid the explosion on the “North”

Nature or negligence: was it possible to avoid the explosion on the “North”

Relatives do not agree

To prevent an explosion at the mine “Severnaya” was impossible, said Monday Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at the meeting with the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev. “There was an abrupt rise in the level of methane gas, i.e. an abrupt release, a gradual increase in the level of no was, sensors didn’t fixed, and to prevent the ejection control means is virtually impossible,” said the official.

Earlier this same version as a main representative of Rostekhnadzor. The head of the Pechora branch of the Department Alexander Goncharenko also said that the accident at the “North” is natural. However, a spokesman for Rostekhnadzor Julia Neposedov said that while this version is only an assumption: “the Final conclusions will be made only on the basis of the Commission’s work”. To give a timeframe for the completion of the investigation she could not, Recalling that the mine was still the explosion.

Relatives of the dead miners do not agree with the version about the nature of the natural disaster. Darius Trasho, daughter, presumably deceased underground electrician Vyacheslav Trasho, published on his page in social network “Vkontakte” pictures of your portable gas detector one of the miners who descended into the mine “North” on February 11. In the picture the level of methane is 2.55%, while the maximum allowable concentration of this gas, according to the instructions of Rostechnadzor (approved by order of the office from 1 December 2011 №678), is 2%.

“The photo counter says about possible breaches of security, the buildup of methane gas, commented for the picture the head of the Independent trade Union of miners Alexander Sergeyev. Critical is the level of methane more than 5%, and the concentration of more than 9% can occur spontaneous explosion”. According to Sergeeva, it is important how the company “the North” reacted to the accumulation of methane: has there been any work on degasification or the gas level every day rising to critical. “But also the indicator of the meter 2,55% is a violation of the instructions of Rostekhnadzor,” he adds.

The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov at the ceremony of farewell with miners Photo: Alexey Stokal/TASS

The accident and the perpetrators

“Ulyanovsk”, 2007. 110 dead

The largest number of victims of the accident in the history of the domestic coal production occurred on 19 March 2007. Then 110 people have died as a result of explosions of methane-air mixture and coal dust on mine “Ulyanovsk” in the Kemerovo region. The mine is owned by Yuzhkuzbassugol. Accumulation of gas, as written by the Agency ITAR-TASS that occurred due to intentional disablement of gas protection equipment working on the instruction manual. The cause of the explosion has emerged a spark when you combine cable damage.

According to the verdict, announced in November 2010, guilty of tragedy recognized to be the mine Manager Vladimir Poluyanov, sentenced to 3,5 years of a colony-settlements, and the engineer of a site of ventilation and safety precautions Nina Bychkova, who received 3 years of probation.

Raspadskaya, 2010. 91 lost

91 people died as a result of two methane explosions at the Raspadskaya mine (Kemerovo region) on 8-9 may 2010. About 100 people were injured and 11 dead bodies were never found. The main causes of accidents, according to the RTN, steel breach mode, mine dust, the lack of proper control over the self-heating characteristics of coal from the mine workers, non-implementation of envisaged projects of preventive measures to prevent endogenous heating of coal, instability of power supply of the mine.

In January 2015 the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia announced the end of preliminary investigation and took into custody the main defendants in this case: former Director of the Raspadskaya Coalmine Igor Volkov, chief engineer of the mine Andrey Druzhinin, his first Deputy Vladislav Drum, and the technical Director of the Raspadskaya coal company Anatoly Ryzhov.

“Zyryanovskiy”, 1997. 67 dead

As a result of explosion of methane and coal dust in the mine “zyryanovskiy” 2 December 1997 killed 67 people. The cause of the accident, as reported by the Agency ITAR-TASS, was the work of a combiner, which crushed the rocker combine the device that triggered the explosion suddenly appeared in the mine gas.

None of the miners and mine managers suffered no punishment.

“Tigina”, 2004. 47 dead

47 miners died in the explosion of methane on mine “Tajzhina” (Kemerovo region) on 10 April 2004. In July of the same year it became known that office of public Prosecutor of the Kemerovo region has stopped investigation of the criminal case on the fact of death of miners.

According to the investigation, there was no event and crime structure under article “Violation of safety rules, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons”, — reported IA REGNUM.

“Anniversary”, 2007. 39 dead

As a result of explosion of methane-air mixture at the mine “jubilee” (the Kemerovo region) on 24 may 2007, 39 people died.

The Commission of Rostechnadzor have established 35 persons responsible for the accident. Among the responsible persons stated CEO and co-owner of the mine owned by “JUzhkuzbassugol” George Lavrik. According to experts, it does not provide the control over observance of safe working conditions at the mine. Also the experts have identified the economic damage from the accident at the mine. According to the Commission, it amounted to 167.7 million rubles.

On the criminal prosecution of those responsible was not reported. After the second year of a major accident, Georgy Lavrik and his partners had to sell their 50% interest in Yuzhkuzbassugol the second co-owner of the company — Evraz Group.

“Central”, 1998. 27 dead

In case of fire and subsequent explosion of methane and coal dust at the mine “Central” under Vorkuta on 18 February 1998, killed 27 miners. The exact causes of the disaster, wrote “Kommersant” in July 1998 and have not been installed. The results of the investigation are unknown.

Natural causes

In a press-service “Vorkutaugol” (owns “the North”, enters into group “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov) do not dispute the authenticity of the pictures published Trasho. “We don’t know where mine were made these measurements. The analyzer did not see his number and it is unknown to whom it was issued, so you can compare the performance of devices of other miners who were in the same place”, — said the representative of the company on the request , adding that in different parts of the mine, the methane level can vary for natural reasons. According to the representative of “Vorkutaugol”, the system Aero gas safety “Northern” was not shown to have exceeded the gas and seismostable on mine lately. At the time of the accident, the system recorded a powerful emission of methane, what happens to the mining strike.

As follows from the materials of “Vorkutaugol” mine “Northern” was equipped by the canadian security system Flexcom. It produces alerts in case of emergencies, ensure surveillance, stop the production activity in case of entering the dangerous area, allows you to pinpoint the location of miners in underground workings.

Previously Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 3 of article 216 of the criminal code (violation of safety rules at conducting mountain, building or other works, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons). As has told a source familiar with the investigation, Darius Trasho was questioned within this criminal case. However, the interviewee declined to comment on the value of her testimony and presented photographs.

“If all security systems are working properly, the probability of a methane explosion or a rockburst is practically reduced to zero. According to statistics, 90% of all disasters in mines is the human factor,” said independent expert Alexander Garusov (involved in investigation of causes of accident on mine “Ulyanovsk” in 2007).

Regional newspaper “My Vorkuta” quoted miners and Sergey Proskuryakov Mikhail Momot, who worked on “Northern”. They argue that the methane content in the mine days before the explosion exceeded the permissible norms.

The first explosion on the “North” occurred on 25 February, the other two are 27 and 28 February. Killing 36 people, including 31 miners and five rescuers.