Russian Railways are interested in the Japanese investment projects in the far East and Moscow

TOKYO, February 29. Russian Railways are interested in Japanese investment in transport infrastructure, particularly in the far East and in the Moscow region. About this stated the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov at the forum “Trade and industrial dialogue: Russia-Japan”.

“The work on creation of a single transport space requires and gives the opportunity to invest for both the state and the private sector. We are interested in attracting investments from Japan for the development of transport infrastructure, especially in the far East,” he said.

Belozerov has added that the Railways offer “to invest in projects aimed at development of logistic infrastructure in the field of formation and concentration of freight traffic on international transport corridors, “including , and investment in terminal and logistics centers cargo frame of Moscow”.

According to Belozerova, Russian Railways offer to Japanese companies to consider cooperation in the creation of the CSM.

“For us the important experience of Japanese colleagues in the field of construction and operation of high-speed rail line…, We invite Japanese companies to explore the possibility of cooperation in this promising direction for us,” said he.

Belozerov reminded that Russian Railways plans to build over 4 thousand km of high – speed rail is the first railway from Moscow to Kazan, then planned the road to St. – Petersburg and Adler.