Russian TV was sued by U.S. broadcasters for piracy

Russian TV channels including “First”, STS, REN TV, “TNT Comedy”, “Rain” and “Nostalgia”, filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. district court in new York against American companies — transmitters that illegally intercepted and distributed their signal, writes “Kommersant”. The publication says that the lawsuit was filed on February 16, the copy is at the disposal of edition.

As respondents are Infomir, TV Panorama, TV Goodzone, Matvil Corporation, Actava TV, Master Call Communications. The publication gives the names of the two CEOs, who also happen to be among the defendants: Michael Geister (Matvil) and Ruslan Totiev (Master Call Communications).

According to the plaintiffs, an American company illegally retransmitted television programs of the Russian channels and used their trade mark in the USA. They intercepted satellite signals of broadcasters in violation of the law and distribute it in the U.S. for a monthly fee. Broadcasters asked the court to set the site owners, to stop the illegal retransmission of programs and to reimburse material damage.

According to the representative of “CTC Media”, at the expense of illegally obtaining content, the defendants offered consumers very low prices of packages Russian channels. “$5-15 compared to $30-50 that of traditional cable operators”, — said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

The CEO of the company “First channel. World network” Alexey Efimov assured that this lawsuit will be served following. “We did a great job on inventory piracy market, found more than hundred of operators that use the Internet as a means of signal delivery and steal our content, forcing people to pay money for it”, — he explained.