The government has extended the preferential tariff in the “Plato” to the end of June

The government has extended the preferential rate for large trucks in the payment “Plato” until 30 June 2017. This is evidenced by the document placed on the Internet-portal of legal information.

Thus, during this time, the tariff will not be indexed and from 1 July 2017 they will begin to be indexed to the inflation rate from November 15, 2015.

Earlier it was planned that the tariffs will be increased on 1 March, but in mid-February Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, answering a question , said that the decision not to do so.

For freezing the rates for “Plato” from the Federal budget will not be counted in 2016 to 16.6 billion rubles., this will reduce revenue to the road funds, was discussed in the draft anti-crisis plan from the middle of February (have).

The point about the extension of preferential rates of electronic tolls for heavy trucks were present in the draft anti-crisis plan. According to the document, it was planned to extend the validity coefficient of 0.41 for the Board size, but for how long was not specified.

System “Plato” established for the collection of tolls truck weighing over 12 tons on Federal highways, began operations on 15 November 2015. Her input has provoked numerous protests by truckers in various regions of the country, including in the Moscow region.