The IRS will verify the sources of income Kasyanov

The Federal tax service (FTS) responded to the request of the Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev, who asked to check the information about the costs of the leader of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov for Christmas vacation and about the origins of these funds. The text of the response is available .

The MP in January wrote to the General prosecutors of Russia and Switzerland Yury Chaika and Michael Lauber with the request to identify the sources of income and the availability policy of the Bank accounts in the EU. Interest Degtyarev money ex-Premier caused the material to LifeNews about the rest of Kasyanov in the Swiss resort of St. Moritz.

The authors argued that rental house, which stopped the opposition with his wife, at a cost of 5 million rubles. in addition, the article cited estimates of the cost of dinner and shopping Kasyanovich spouses. The Deputy suspected that the money Kasyanov received from the funds collected by the PARNAS party for the election campaign in 2015.

The Federal tax service on behalf of the Prosecutor General’s office informed the team that the information “taken into account” and that now-organized “complex of tax control measures, aimed at establishing the origin of income received, as well as fulfillment of tax liabilities”.

To fully assess the fiscal integrity of the Federal tax service Kasyanov will be able only after the filing of the tax Declaration (the deadline for submission expires on April 30), and information about the income and the amount of personal income tax withholding agents will receive no later than 1 April, written in the answer Department.

Kasyanov said that it is not in the course of inspection by the FTS.