Two United Russia party members have decided to cooperate with the party of business Boris Titov

At the Congress of the Right cause party, which on Monday to elect their leader of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, representatives of “United Russia” Elena Nikolaeva and Victor Zvagelsky.

Nikolaev can run in the following composition of the state Duma from party Titova, said a source in the party.

Nikolaev herself said she was “close and clear” the challenges facing the party. The possibility of moving the party she refused to comment.

Zvagelsky said that “while the issue of his exit from United Russia is not discussed. “But if I am useful in this instalment, we will discuss the formats of cooperation,” he said.

On the question of whether he can enter the “Right thing” in the future, Zvagelsky has not responded neither positively nor negatively.

Earlier about plans to run for the Duma together with the party Titov declared excluded from “Fair Russia” Oksana Dmitrieva. Along with her work with Titov will be the group closest to her deputies.

Titov announced plans to create a party of entrepreneurs this year. To do this, he decided to head Right cause, which has so-called “license” that allows them not to collect signatures in the Duma elections. Titov told that the party sets the task to get into the Duma at the autumn elections.

Titov plans to rename the party. But while the name was chosen. On Monday the Congress will be elected new Directors. Titov will become the Chairman and his Deputy chief of staff of the business Ombudsman Tatyana Marchenko. In the leadership of the party will include prominent businessmen, such as Dmitry Potapenko.