Will still Bo Andersson from AVTOVAZ?

Will still Bo Andersson from AVTOVAZ?

The President of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson will not to resign himself, to be decided at the next Board of Directors, said the source, close to AVTOVAZ.

MOSCOW, 29 Feb. After receiving AVTOVAZ record the loss in accordance with IFRS for the year 2015 in the amount of 73,851 billion rubles — in the media appeared information about the possible change in a short time the President of the Volga car factory. According to sources, this issue is being discussed, but no concrete decisions yet.

A source familiar with the activities of “AVTOVAZ”, argues that the question of changing the head of the enterprise, indeed, discussed, and dissatisfied with his work as the main foreign shareholder — the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Russian state Corporation “rostec”. However, he declined to say whether the contract with Bo Andersson terminated or not. “Certain decisions will be taken,” he said.

“The rumors about the resignation of Bo Andersson go for about a year. The President of AVTOVAZ will clearly not be to resign himself. I think either decision will be taken at the next Board of Directors or Andersson will continue to work further”, — said the Agency source, close to AVTOVAZ.

In the AVTOVAZ declined to comment, as in “assistance”. According to one of Agency sources in the enterprise, the nearest Board of Directors must take place by March 15, its agenda is determined.

Achievements and challenges

“Bo Andersson is quite powerful Manager. He tried to alleviate the expenditure side of the budget and thus reducing the cost of new cars. Was conducted release of staff, reducing staff salaries and other expenses,” admits the Deputy of the Samara Duma Alexander Drobotov.

“But it led to a serious release of personnel. Also many people do not understand was, why was transferred to Izhevsk Lada Vesta. This practice was first. There is still no such technical traditions, personnel,” he added.

He noted that the situation with the staff at AVTOVAZ over the past two years and a massive release of employees production of components have resulted in “tremendous pressure on the employment market”, and overall the situation remains tense. According to him, to improve the situation, the authorities need the implementation of the program of support of employment of the population of Tolyatti and attracting Federal funds for this purpose.

Their dissatisfaction with the personnel policies of the Andersson expressed in November and the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov. But then the question of dismissal of the President of “AVTOVAZ”.

“Information about the fact that Bo Andersson will leave the post of President of AVTOVAZ, runs for a long time. Moreover, repeatedly called various terms of his departure,” — said the Director of the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT” Sergey Tselikov.

“Overall, from the business point of view, I appreciate his activities positively. As a top Manager, he performs all the tasks set before him. From the point of view of the social situation in Togliatti, I can appreciate his work negatively. The purposes for which it was made, but has led to severe tensions in the city” — sums up the expert.