Workers broke through from Greece to Macedonia with a RAM

Workers broke through from Greece to Macedonia with a RAM

At the border crossing idomeni migrants broke through the fence from Greece to Macedonia. They used as a battering RAM iron pillar, which they demolished a section of fence, informs bi-Bi-si.

Macedonian police used against violators of tear gas. Bi-bi-si notes that the number of lone workers is not precisely known.

According to the AP, the storm was attended by approximately 500 people. They chanted: “Open the border!” and pelted stones at the Macedonian police.

An eyewitness told Reuters that the refugees tore down the gates on the railway, passing through the border, and sat down on the tracks, demanding to be let in to Macedonia.

Workers use battering RAM to break through the fence from Greece to Macedonia Photo: AP

The Macedonian police at the border crossing idomeni Photo: AP

According to British broadcaster, Macedonia has sharply restricted the admission of refugees, resulting in the Greek side of the border at idomeni transition has accumulated about 6.5 thousand people. Reuters cites a figure of 8 thousand people, mainly Syrians and Iraqis.

All, according to the Agency, for the last week in Greece was not less than 22 thousand refugees who wanted to use the Balkan route to get to Central and Northern Europe.

On Sunday, the Minister for migration Affairs of Greece Yannis Masalas warned that in the coming weeks the number of refugees in the country, can grow up to 70 thousand

Balkan countries have tightened the rules of admission of migrants once in the middle of February, Austria introduced quotas on their admission.

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The influx of refugees from the Middle East heading to Germany and Sweden via Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary. Just last year in the European Union profit of over a million asylum seekers.