Klimenko: the popularity of foreign online stores leads to higher unemployment

MOSCOW, 1 March. The growing popularity of foreign online retailers in electronics trade is a factor in the growth of unemployment in Russia as the loser be domestic retailers. This opinion was expressed by adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on the Internet Herman Klimenko in an interview with radio station “Russian news service” (RSN).

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“We have a big problem in the economy – live our retailers, shops… They sell the phones, the wires. Due to the specifics we can buy it abroad. The price difference is so great that we instead buy our own, we start to buy abroad”, – said Klimenko.

According to him, the rational consumer’s desire to save money may be detrimental to the national economy.

“On 24 or 25 December – the day when usually (get) 300 thousand parcels, was one million parcels. Large ritejlerov the company is 30 thousand sales a day. A million is 30 conditional “Euronetwork”, this is a huge number of people unemployed”, – explained the Advisor to the President.

Previously Klimenko noted that foreign companies operating on the territory of another country, must pay taxes at the place of work, and this principle should certainly be applied in Russia. Apart from taxation, cross-border trade there is the issue of competition with low-quality goods from a number of foreign online retailers, he said.