Lavrov will discuss in Geneva on the situation of human rights in the world and the situation in the middle East

GENEVA, 1 March. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov will take part in the work of the 31st session of the UN Council on human rights (HRC) in Geneva.

As noted in depodesta of the Russian Federation, during session the Minister will open a thematic high-level debate on the theme “the fiftieth anniversary and the fortieth anniversary of the entry into force of the International covenants on human rights: universality, indivisibility, interdependence and interrelatedness of all human rights”. “This issue was included in the agenda of the 31st session, in accordance with the adopted at Russia’s initiative, resolution HRC 29/1, dedicated to the anniversary of the International Covenant on civil and political rights and the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights”, – stated in the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Ministry added that the anniversary of the international covenants on human rights “represents an excellent opportunity for an analysis of the work “homework” and sharing the positive experience of implementation by States of their obligations”. “We call on all States to become parties to them without any reservations and restrictions, continued in depodesta. – This would be an important milestone in strengthening the international regime for the protection and promotion of human rights”.

Lavrov will also hold a traditional meeting with heads of international organizations, their missions in Geneva. “Will discuss a wide range of issues on the international agenda and cooperation of Russia with these organizations”, – said the Russian foreign Ministry. As reported earlier, the official representative of the UN Ahmad Fawzi, a scheduled meeting with Lavrov, the Secretary-General of the international organization ban Ki-moon.

Middle East issues

Serious concern in Moscow caused by the situation in the field of human rights in the Middle East and North Africa. “Of particular concern is expressed in connection with the fate of the Christian population, the protection of the rights which we will continue to pay close attention to,” said the Ministry.

“We call on the international community and human rights organizations, the UN, including the HRC, to seriously address the issues of political settlement of the crises in the region, combining efforts in the fight against the terrorist threat and for the protection of Christians,” added the Russian foreign Ministry.

The politicization of human rights issues is unacceptable

On the eve of Lavrov’s participation in the HRC session in the Russian foreign Ministry particularly stressed the impermissibility of politicization of human rights issues. “We proceed from the importance of maintaining the leading role of the States in the promotion and protection of human rights, depoliticizing the human rights dimension of the UN, prevention of confrontation and eliminate the practice of “double standards”, – said in depodesta of the Russian Federation. – They are concerned with attempts to erosion of the intergovernmental character of the activities of the international human rights frameworks on the part of individual States”.

In Russia we are convinced that the basic principle of the UN on human rights direction “should be equal cooperation of States based on the rule of international law and respect the sovereignty of States”. “The UN bodies mandated to deal with human rights, should not interfere in the competence of other bodies, including on issues such as peace and security, development, counter-terrorism, human trafficking, etc.”, – stressed in the Ministry.

Moscow believes that the UN, and international regional structures, should primarily focus on providing technical assistance to countries in need. “In the HRC oppose the politicization of human rights and the imposition of narrow interpretations of international standards in the field of human rights under the guise of universal, said the Russian foreign Ministry. – Believe that every state, every society has the right to choose their own path of development”.

The acceptance of the politicized resolutions on the situation of human rights in individual countries without the consent of “focus States” does not improve the real situation on the ground, summed up the Russian foreign Ministry.