Protests in support of Walesa called part of Russia’s “hybrid war”

Anti-government protests in support of former President Lech Walesa can be a part of Russia’s attempts to destabilize the situation in Poland. This was stated by adviser to the Polish President Andrzej Zybertowicz in an interview with TV channel TVN24.

“Looking for the marches, which took place this past Saturday, I got to thinking that, despite perhaps the best intentions the majority of the participants, we are witnessing a new stage of hybrid war”, — he said, quoted by Bloomberg. The Agency also writes that the protests in support of Walesa can be associated with the Kremlin.

“It’s natural for a hybrid war that at first you don’t do invalid things, such as killing people or poisoning the water. But the poisoning of minds a valid” — said Zybertowicz.

Two weeks ago during a search in the house of the widow of the former head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Polish people’s Republic General Kisaka which were found documents allegedly showing that the Polish ex-President and leader of the Solidarity movement Lech Walesa collaborated with the secret services of Communist Poland. After that, the Polish Institute of national remembrance decided to investigate.

Himself a former head of state has denied the existence of such documents. “There are no documents with my signature. If there were, then there would be no need to forge. In court I will prove it”, — he stressed.

Last Saturday in Poland marches were organized against the government of the ruling conservative party “Law and justice”, as well as attacks on the former President. Participating chanted slogans “We will protect our democracy!” and “Lech Walesa!”. According to Bloomberg, the events had involved “tens of thousands”.

On February 19 the President of Poland Andrzej Duda accused Russia of fuelling a new cold war. “If someone gets aggressive military activity in Ukraine and in Syria, if someone increases its military presence near neighbouring countries, we have a definite answer as to who is starting a new cold war. This is definitely not Poland and NATO,” he said.