Suspects in the murder Nemtsov left under guards

Five of the accused in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov will remain in custody until may 28. On Tuesday, the Moscow city court extended the measure of restraint to the former fighter battalion “North” Zaur Dadaev, his relatives – brothers Anzor and Shadit Gubarevym, and acquaintances to the Boy Eskirkhanova and Khamzat Bachevo.

Extra time

In the court of all defendants in the case was delivered by hand. The courtroom filled with their relatives. Women in dark coloured clothes and headscarves send kisses to the accused. Dadaev grew long hair and a black beard, and Eskerkhanov, which at the time of arrest was wearing a long red beard, the hollow of her shaved and lost a lot of weight.

First referee meeting Sergey Podoprigorov announced the version of the investigation. So, according to the prosecution Dadaev and others involved in the case at least 15 million rubles joined the group to commit the murder of Nemtsov. They divided the roles, picked up the cars, weapons, used mobile phones, conducted surveillance, and then in the evening on February 27, shot and killed Nemtsov told the story the judge.

The representative of the investigative group supported the motion and explained that now the participants of the case have only just begun to get acquainted with the materials and have read only a few volumes. So you need extra time, pointed out the investigator. It was supported by the Prosecutor and asked to leave all five accused in jail.

“Application for senior management”

“In this case there is nothing [no evidence], other than my nature, there are no witnesses,” the word took Dadayev, whom the consequence considers as the direct executor of murder.

Dadaev once again declared that his first confession was given under torture. “We were detained not on 7 March [2015], according to the investigator, and 5, was made by Dadaev and indicated that in these two days he was tortured and blackmailed. — I started reading the first volume and there are a lot of errors, and how much more?”. He stated that he opposed the prolongation of the detention. It was supported by lawyer Shamsudin cakaev. “Dadaev many years risked their lives for this state and for the sake of the criminal law. And now it opposes it,” were made by defender and asked to change the measure of restraint for his client. The same was asked and the other defendants in the case.

With place rose Anzor Gubashev. “I want to make a statement, want him brought to senior management, want to tell you how idle the Prosecutor, the judges of the Basmanny court not respond. To tell you how I was kidnapped, tortured, bag on her head wore”.

“I ask to stop this disgrace,” he interrupted the judge and asked his lawyer to explain to the accused that the court does not consider the merits of the case, but decides only the question of the extension of the arrest.

But when the defender came up to the glass aquarium, Gobachev began to resent that for a year no one listens and all law enforcement agencies are inactive. “I was hoping that would be justice, real justice. But we have no consequence, but werewolves in epaulets!”, — performed Gubashev. To calm the accused was only after the intervention of Dadaeva and eskerhanov.

The other defendants were slightly more restrained, but also asked to change the measure of restraint and insisted that in fact there is no evidence of their guilt.

“I have no gun, I have never used a laptop. Near the Kremlin never was — persuaded judge Edit Gubashev.- I had two machines on which I was engaged in cargo transportation. No murder I am not prepared, on their machines went. It would be better if the investigator wrote that I at KAMAZ to kill him came”.

“I have burns from the electric shock around the theme, forced me to admit that I was the shooter, took the floor Eskerkhanov. But now say I’ve watched Nemtsov. But before the arrest, I weighed 140 kg, went bald and with a beard”. The defendant complained that in prison he was not given medical aid despite the fact that he had renal failure and other chronic diseases.

There is no evidence complained and the Bahai.

The sixth person involved

Nemtsov was killed late on the evening of 27 February, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, when he returned home with his companion Anna Duricko from the restaurant. The killer made in a series of shots, and then disappeared, presumably by car ZAZ Chance.

After the arrest Dadaev has given grateful evidences and has specified that to organize the crime they were helped by a Chechen “Rusik”, rode in a Mercedes ML with the number 007.

In November, the result in absentia accused the personal driver of the other fighters of a battalion “the North” Eremeeva Ruslan — Ruslan Muhutdinova. According to the prosecution, he acted as one of organizers of a crime.

According to the investigators, he is now in the United Arab Emirates. Case concerning it is allocated in separate production.