The activist in suit mechanics was interrupted by the presentation of a Volkswagen in Geneva

During the presentation of the new Volkswagen models at the Geneva motor show on stage was a man in mechanics overalls with wrench and box, on which was written “device for cheating”, and pretended that installs the device on the car, reports AP.

The activist was accompanied by his actions, a statement that the head of Volkswagen Matthias Mueller told him that “everything will be fine as long as nobody finds out”. The man was taken from the scene by security guards.

The incident occurred during the speech of head of the sales Department of the company jürgen Stackmann, who represented the new version of electric city car Volkswagen up! He thanked the activist and expressed hope that he liked at the auto show, reports Handelsblatt.

According to the newspaper The Telegraph, the activist was a British comedian Simon Brodkin that in July last year during a press conference showered banknotes of the then FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, saying that it was the fee for hosting world football championship in North Korea. This incident occurred amid a scandal with accusations of the leadership of the football Federation of taking bribes when selecting the countries hosting the world Championships.

According to The Telegraph, during the presentation of the Volkswagen up! in Geneva, Brodkin crawled under the car and offered Stokmanna “fix it”, to which he replied: “It’s a brand new car, and it is not necessary to repair”.

Last September the company admitted in response to the accusations of the us regulators that were installed on their diesel engines illegal software, which allowed us to avoid laboratory tests on the level of emissions, in reality developing much more harmful nitrogen oxides.

Volkswagen has earmarked €6.7 billion for legal costs, the amount of fines in the U.S. can be even more. The Chairman of the company Herbert Diss said at the Geneva motor show that VW needs to regain the trust of consumers. According to him, since January have been fixed the fault in 10 thousand cars affected in Europe “diesel scandal”.