The authorities came up with a way of optimizing the oldest venture capital Fund

In the optimization of innovation development institutions, there has been discussion about the consolidation of existing assets, reported a source in the government. One of the scenarios: the annexation of the oldest venture capital institution — the Bortnik Foundation — to one of the institutions of innovative development. This was told by four sources: close to the presidential administration, the government and two people in major development institutions.

The most likely scenario is joining Rosnano or SKOLKOVO, say two sources . They also discussed the integration with RVC, the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs or industry development Fund (PDF), but they were deemed “unviable”, said Vice-President of one of the largest funds. “Question on joining the industry development Fund was raised at the very beginning of the discussion, but it almost immediately shallows due to the difference in the profile of the two funds. The FER does not consider startups,” adds a source close to the presidential administration.

Two people “do not exclude” that the Fund can be left independent. Representatives of the Fund of Bortnik declined to comment.

The Bortnik Foundation has existed since 1994. During this period, the institution has invested 38 billion rubles is about 5 thousand start-UPS, grants were awarded to 13 thousand young innovators and made about 14 thousand contracts with companies. The Fund tries to support as many projects to venture funds, development institutes and big business was subsequently as much as possible the selection of projects for further investments, pointed out earlier in the conversation with the representative of Bortnik Foundation.

To optimize the composition and functions of innovative institutions development has urged President Vladimir Putin on the results of the message to the Federal Assembly. At the end of January 2016, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that “remains to be solved,” the survival of existing structures — “RUSNANO”, RVC, Bortnik Foundation, “VEB Innovations”, “SKOLKOVO”.

The first decisions on the future structure of the system of institutes of innovative development can be taken within the next three weeks, said a source in the government. According to him, until mid-March “should be the architecture of the system of institutes of development, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, after which “will be followed by appropriate instructions”. An interim report with proposals the economic development Ministry jointly with other Executive bodies was sent to the government till February 17, said the representative of the Ministry.

The essence of the proposals nor the spokesman, nor the representative of Arkady Dvorkovich did not disclose. A source in the Ministry calls the proposals “discussion”. Major changes associated with major innovative development institutions — “RUSNANO” and “SKOLKOVO”, the document is not present, said two officials of the government.