The defense Ministry has documented 15 violations of the truce in Syria for a day

The defense Ministry has documented 15 violations of the truce in Syria for a day

MOSCOW, 1 March. The defense Ministry has recorded over the past day 15 of violations of the ceasefire regime in Syria. It is reported by the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in the Syrian Arab Republic.

“During the day, recorded 15 violations of the cessation of hostilities. The greatest number of violations observed in the city of Damascus, in Aleppo, HOMS, Lattakia”, – stated in the message.

So, according to the Center, within a day five times was under fire from mortars and small arms the positions of government troops, Kurdish militias and residential neighborhoods in the North-West of Aleppo.

“In Damascus of the terrorist group, controlled by the “dzhebhat EN-nusra” (banned in Russia), from 5.00 to 5.30 thrice opened mortar fire on areas of al-Madge-ASRA, al Muqhim-Vardan and the Central prison. In the shelling, one civilian was killed and three received injuries of varying severity”, – stated in the message.

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In the area Marge Al-Sultan (Damascus) group militants after mortar attack tried to break through the positions of the Syrian army.

In Latakia province the militants groups “dzhebhat EN-nusra” who control the settlements of Cbana, Cnedd, Bdama and Nervous, four times opened fire with mortars and small arms on government positions, provoking them to reciprocal actions. Units of the Syrian army showed restraint and return fire was not opened, note in the Center.

In addition, according to the organization, in the province of HOMS, the militants twice attempted to attack positions of government troops and militia in the area of the settlement NARB-Nafs.

The defense Ministry also reported that the total number of agreements on cessation of hostilities reached 38, the day signed the agreement on cessation of hostilities with the four commanders of the moderate opposition, which controls the Doumeira in the Damascus province.

“The total number of signed agreements reached thirty-eight,” – said in a statement.

In addition, the Center for reconciliation said that Washington gave Moscow a list of the 61 group of the moderate opposition in Syria, in addition to the list of 69 units, which previously announced the agreement to the terms of the ceasefire.

“On February 29, the Russian Center for reconciliation in addition to the previously turned over to the American side the list of the 69 groups of the moderate opposition, announced the acceptance of the terms of the cessation of hostilities received an additional list that includes 61 detachment”, – said the Ministry of defence.

850 fighters in Syria after talks in their weapons

Nearly 850 militants in talks in Syria agreed to abandon the armed struggle, according to the website of the Ministry of defense.

“Under the mediation of the Russian Federation was held a meeting of the heads of the province Dara’a with the residents of settlements Atba, es-Saman, Mesme, Nava, side and Note, which was attended by over a thousand people. According to the results of the event 842 of member of armed groups “Jaish al-Islam”, “Free Syrian army”, “al Yarmuk Brigade” signed disclaimers from the armed struggle and return to peaceful life”, – stated in the message.

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According to the Centre, the meeting took place, despite attempts by radical groups to disrupt the event. When travelling to the venue of the meeting several local residents were beaten by the militants. In addition, they had captured a former Colonel in the Syrian army Zaidan Linsert, who was one of the initiators of this event, reported in the Center.

VKS RF and the past day attacked the territories, which control the troops of the moderate opposition, agreed to the negotiations, said the Ministry of defence.

“The aerospace forces attacks on areas controlled by the troops of the “moderate” opposition that joined the cessation of hostilities and complying with its terms, do not cause”, – stated in the message.