The dollar fell below 74 rubles, Euro below 81 rubles for the first time since early January

The dollar fell below 74 rubles, Euro below 81 rubles for the first time since early January

MOSCOW, 1 March. The dollar against the ruble on the Moscow exchange during trading on Tuesday fell compared with the closing level of previous trading day by 1.26 ruble and reached 73,94 of the ruble, falling below 74 rubles for the first time since early January. The Euro dropped to 1.44 80.4 ruble ruble, pushing down the mark 81 ruble also for the first time since early January.

The MICEX index at the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange rose 0.2% to 1843,95 item.

Ruble wins back the growth of oil prices. The cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in may 2016 on the ICE stock exchange in London rose on Tuesday by 1% to $37,02 per barrel.

Expert opinion

Author: Konstantin KORISHCHENKO

“The situation on the oil market remains supportive, stimulating measures of the Chinese Central Bank provided some support to the optimistic traders. Concerns about the Chinese economy have eased, thanks to the decision of the people’s Bank of China to loosen reserve requirements for commercial banks to support liquidity and boost the economy through lending,” – said a leading analyst of investment group “OLMA” Anton Startsev.

On February 29, people’s Bank of China announced the lowering of March 1, the norm of the required reserves by 0.5 percentage points to 17%. The last time the regulator cut the rate in October 2015, also by 50 basis points.

The Russian ruble due to the oil factor looks relatively well, adds the expert of “BCS Express” Vasiliy Karpunin.

According to him, out of the current consolidation, which is observed on Tuesday morning, may lead to acceleration of growth of the Russian currency.

“The potential reduction in the case of fixing under 74,5-75 rubles per dollar would imply a movement to the field for 71.5-72 rubles per dollar. In my opinion, the probability of this scenario is very high,” – said the expert.

Russians prefer to keep money in rubles

According to a survey conducted by the Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM), more than half of Russians (57%) keep their savings in rubles (vs. 52% in December).

“Keeping savings in dollars and euros a little – by 3% and 2%, respectively. It should be noted that the American currency more often than Russians on the average, choose to Moscow and St. Petersburg (8%)”, – it is told in message VTSIOM.

However, 39 percent of our fellow citizens do not have the financial savings.