The government in 2016 will support individual industries and take care of the Russians

MOSCOW, 1 March. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a plan of action in the economy by 2016 that aims at ensuring sustainable socio – economic development and provides support for some of the most promising sectors of the economy, as well as a large block of social measures.

Unlike anti-crisis plan for 2015, the Russian government this time refused to provide massive support of the banking system, the priority now became the real sector and export development.

“The activities are grouped into two main areas: firstly, it is a so-called dynamic response, their objective is to support those sectors of the economy, which, although experiencing considerable difficulties today, but have significant potential,” – said Medvedev.

The second part of the plan includes structural measures aimed at ensuring sustainable socio-economic development. “First of all, we are talking about legislative initiatives aimed at creation of favorable conditions for production, for small and medium business, reduction of costs throughout the production chain and to further reduce the administrative pressure on business”, – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.


If the list of measures there were no considerable differences, their financing has become the subject of lengthy discussions in the government.

Most of the funding for the plan already put in the budget for 2016 is more than 468 billion. Some measures on 220,8 billion rubles is planned to Finance from additional sources. In particular, 158 billion will be involved from the budget of the Russian Federation.

Earlier it was reported that the government plans to spend funds from the so-called anti-crisis reserve of the budget. The Cabinet also asked the Russian President permission to spend 130 billion rubles from the reserve formed in the budget from the freeze of pension savings by 2016, said earlier the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

Other additional sources will be the national welfare Fund of 39.8 billion roubles will be spent on the project to the Railways for the purchase of 292 locomotives and the employment of more than 60. workers locomotive building factories and manufacturers of component parts for traction rolling stock. Up to 5 billion rubles will be allocated to support the development and promotion of Russian software. The source of these funds will be charges users of the radio frequency spectrum according to the results in 2016 auctions to obtain licenses for provision of communication services.

“A number of positions under the current conditions formulated in such a way that it will be funded in the event of sources of income and the results for the first half,” – said Medvedev. In the final version of the plan does not specify the amount of potential funding for these measures, they are marked with an asterisk. Earlier it was reported that such measures assembled from 189 billion rubles.

A separate sector and mortgages

Basic financial support will be provided to the automotive, light industry, transport machinery, agricultural machinery, agriculture and housing, said Medvedev.

The implementation of the program of support of car industry is highlighted this year by about 140 billion roubles, 10 billion roubles for transport engineering and for the implementation of the programme of agricultural engineering.

A number of measures are cross-sectoral. This also applies to industry, agriculture, and service industries, as well as support of export of goods and services.

Export support is planned to be implemented through traditional mechanisms, including the use of interest rate subsidies on export credits. Also planned additional measures for insurance and guarantee support for exports.

A number of measures are already issued in the form of normative documents, Medvedev said.

In his words, “certain steps were taken to support the mortgage, extended program of subsidizing interest rates on mortgages for those who buy apartments in new buildings”. “Today just had to end it (program) time, but we decided to extend this measure until January 1, 2017”, – said the head of government.


According to Medvedev, another urgent task is the support of people for the maximum mitigation of the impact of the economic downturn, provided assistance to regional budgets to ensure timely payment of salaries, pensions, social benefits.

Additional indexation of pensions was included in the action plan. In particular, relevant ministries will prepare a June report to the government with suggestions on possible options holding in the second half of 2016 indexation taking into account the situation prevailing in the economy and the social sphere.

On measures to support the unemployed reserved additional 5.5 billion, for activities in the field of employment – 3 billion rubles.

Measure the partial use of maternity capital for low-income families were included in the new action plan for the economy of the government of the Russian Federation for 2016. The relevant law is planned to be adopted in the second quarter of the year.

It should block the actions of the Ministry of health. So, it is planned to Finance the provision of medicines citizens, disabled facilities. In the execution of the budget is planned to allocate funds to market not gone cheap Russian drugs cost up to 50 rubles.