The member “Fair Russia” will go to elections with the support of Khodorkovsky

The project “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky has agreed to support in state Duma elections of 2016, with the first candidate from the parliamentary party. It is a member “Fair Russia” 32-summer Olga zakova. This was told by the coordinator of the project Timur Valeev and confirmed itself Jakova. She plans to run for the Duma in the Irkutsk region in Angarsk single-member constituency.

Jakova consists in “Fair Russia” since 2009 and engaged in social activities in the Irkutsk region, was the Deputy of the municipal Duma of Irkutsk in 2009-2014. Jakova served on the Board of the chamber of deputies of the party, but he was expelled in 2013 after he advocated the appointment of Oksana Dmitrieva is the head of the party Nikolay Levicheva.

Until December 2015 Jakova served on the Board of the regional branch of “Fair Russia” in the Irkutsk region and head office in Angarsk. However, after the change of the regional leader of the party in 2015 (associate Dmitrieva, Ivan Grachev left the post, and his place was taken by Larisa Egorova), it is not reassigned to positions of authority.

Contradictions with the new head of regional branch “Fair Russia” has worsened in September 2015 after Jakova supported on elections of the Governor of the Irkutsk region the candidate from the Communist party Sergei Levchenko (now the head of the region). Her decision she explains the desire to support the “opposition candidate” as “Fair Russia” “advanced spoiler”.

With party members Jakova his decision to go on elections with the support of “Open Russia” was not discussed.

A source in the party leadership about the intentions Zhakov not hear her fate in the party has not been discussed yet. “This name I have not heard, obviously, it is not a visible member of the party. However, Khodorkovsky is not our traditional sponsor and not our soul mate. If a member “Fair Russia” will prefer his support, from the party it will be removed,” says the source .

To the exception of party Jakova “mentally prepared”. In this case, she plans to collect signatures, but will also try to negotiate support from the other opposition parties — provided that it will not join the party. In particular, jacova going to appeal to PARNASSUS.

PARNASSUS will consider support Zhakov elections in case of its appeal, said tamped PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin. At PARNASSUS has its mandate in the Irkutsk region, therefore the ability to support Zhakov “should be discussed”.

The Irkutsk region is famous for its love of freedom, reminds the political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. However, even this region can hardly be regarded as a platform where the representative of the “Open Russia” can succeed, he said. To do this, Zhakov not enough initial recognition, confidence rating and resources, he said. On elections of the mayor of Angarsk municipal district in 2015 Rakova gained 2.94 percent, reminds the analyst.

“Perhaps Jakova thus (announcing the cooperation with the “Open elections”) demonstrates their civil position, but it’s more like an act of desperation and self-promotion”, — said Kalachev.

Earlier, the “Open elections” have agreed to support three more oppositionists who intend to run for the Duma in single-mandate constituencies — activist Maria, the head of the Novosibirsk branch PARNASSUS Yegor Savina and co-chair of the St. Petersburg branch of PARNAS Natalia Gryaznevich. Savin and Gryaznevich will run from PARNASSUS, Baronova, which will go for the Central district of Moscow, intends to collect signatures.

The whole project has received 269 bids from potential candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Of these, 162 persons unaffiliated, and 31 members of the parliamentary party, says Valeev: 12 of United Russia, the Communists 11, seven SRS and one member of the liberal democratic party. Members of Yabloko, according to Valeeva, received 27 applications. The names of these people to call Valeev has refused to reach agreement, not to discredit politicians in the eyes of their parties. About readiness to cooperate with “Open elections” reported only party PARNAS. The parliamentary party and “the Apple” declared that their candidates they will start an adequate assistance from Khodorkovsky.

The final list of about 20 candidates, which will support “Open elections”, will be released in March. The aim of the project is to support opposition candidates in single-member constituencies in elections to the state Duma 2016.

“Open elections” provide their candidates legal and campaign support will help to organize the work of the campaign headquarters and recruit volunteers. Direct financial support to the project applicants to provide will not, Valeev said. Candidates should not hide the fact that receive support from the project Khodorkovsky and share the values of “Open Russia”. Previously, several interlocutors of the potential candidates “Open elections” on condition of anonymity, shared their concerns regarding the public announcement of support of Khodorkovsky, as they believe this is a serious political risk.