The Ministry of labor has warned of the threat of dismissal of 500 thousand Russians

For 2015 year lost about 500 thousand inhabitants of Russia, now threatens the dismissal of about half a million Russians, of which more than 300 thousand are already working in part-time employment, Minister of labour and social protection RF Maxim Topilin.

Labor Minister explained that the majority of employees transferred to part time mode of employment, working in enterprises of the automotive industry. However, the overall situation in the sector, according to the Minister, is under control.

“If to speak about those who claimed to dismissal, the figure today is slightly less than 200 thousand people”, — said Topilin at a meeting on the situation in the labour market, noting that in this group of people the representatives of the financial and banking sectors, as well as workers of state and municipal management (quoted by RIA Novosti).

According to data published today by research company Markit, in February 2016 the situation at the manufacturing enterprises of Russia continued to deteriorate. Special alarm of experts is the continuing from March 2013, reducing the amount of incomplete work (his pace in the Markit called “significant”), forcing companies to reduce costs, including through layoffs have become “superfluous” employees.

According to 17 February 2016 (after the publication of monitoring of the Ministry of labor) in Russia was officially registered unemployed 1,046 million, for the week the number grew by 1.6%, amounting to approximately 1.3% of the economically active population of Russia. In some regions, the proportion of official unemployed persons was significantly higher in Ingushetia it was 13%, in Chechnya – 12,1%, in Tyva – 4,7%.

In this regard, the Minister said urged the authorities of regions to develop their own programs support employment, not relying only on the help of the Federal government.

“Many regions reduce the cost of active programmes that, in principle, when the situation is difficult, is wrong. Because you can’t depend on something that will provide Federation support,” said labor Minister (quoted by “Interfax”), explaining that the business of the Federal is close to the worst situations.

The total number of unemployed in Russia, according to Rosstat, approximately 5.8% of the economically active population of Russia. At the end of February, Topilin said in an interview with NTV, that in 2016 the unemployment rate in Russia will amount to about 6.3%, which, according to the Minister, “not critical”.

Labor Minister also explained that the increase in the number of unemployed in Russia is restrained by reducing the real income of workers.

“It’s a choice, you know. It always happens in our economy. Employers and employees, let’s say, agree on this behavior: employers are less fired, that is the unemployment rate still remains acceptable. But at the cost of lower unemployment is a decline in wages,” he said.

In published yesterday the Ministry of economic development monitoring the current economic situation in the country noted that the negative factor in employment is the low demand for labour.

“The need of employers for workers, stated in the state employment service of the population is low and continuing to decline,” the experts stress the MAYOR.

In early February the Bank of Russia has lowered its estimate of the annual rate of decline of Russia’s GDP in January—March 2016, warning that the country’s unemployment rate will continue to increase amid a further slowdown in economic activity.