The official Euro exchange rate dropped by two and a half rouble

The official Euro to ruble 2 March set by the Central Bank of Russia at level 80,5333 RUB — on 2,57 rubles less than the previous value. Simultaneously, the official exchange rate reduced by the regulator by 1.85 rubles to RUB 74,0536

In the course of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on Tuesday the Euro at the minimum was reached 80,128 rubles a Dollar in it for the first time since 6 January 2016 fell below 74 rubles to RUB 73,716 at a minimum.

As of 13:05 the European currency is trading at 80,132 rubles, American — 73,772 RUB.

Strengthening of ruble happens against the background of rising oil prices. In the course of trading on the exchange ICE cost of Brent crude oil reached to the maximum value in $RUB 37.04.

Analysts say that price growth is largely associated with the decline in oil production among OPEC countries and in the USA.