The Ombudsman Pamfilova has proposed to toughen immigration rules

Commissioner for human rights Ella Pamfilova commented on the incident on the eve of the murder of four-year old girl as a nanny in Moscow. “It’s a terrible tragedy, it simply cannot be understand, it’s the height of barbarity,” — said Pamfilova told reporters after meeting with regional ombudsmen.

She stated that issues of employment and regulation of the migration sphere, which concerns including legislation about working in the service sector, needs to be tightened.

“That all was not limited to simple communication with the Agency [of nurses], and so, for example, were inter-state agreements with the CIS countries and Central Asia, of which Russia is going migrants, in which was recorded the commitment of these countries to inform important points of your biography visiting Russia citizens”, — said the Ombudsman.

On the eve of an appeal to pay attention to working in the service industry called on the Commissioner for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov. It is advised to check the mental state of nurses employed. About this he wrote in his Twitter.

Pamfilova found it difficult to comment on the position of the Federal TV channels, not shown in the news yesterday a story about the murder, and the authorities ‘ position on this issue. According to her, she didn’t watch TV, but suggested that they avoided showing scenes of murder in order not to provoke xenophobic attitudes.

The murder of a child occurred the day before. A native of Uzbekistan Gulchehra Bobokulov detained Monday morning at the metro station “Oktyabrskoye pole”, she was holding the bloody head girl, shouted “Allah Akbar” and called himself a terrorist. According to investigators, Bobokulov waited until the girl’s parents leave and then killed her, cut off the head and set fire to the apartment.

The day of the murder, none of the Federal channels in the daytime and evening newscasts didn’t mention about the murder. Sources on TV channels suggested that okataina not to show scenes of murder was given because of fears of provoking xenophobic moods. Press Seceratry of the President Dmitry Peskov declared that supports this decision of TV channels and named it world practice.